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inspector calls

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An Inspector Calls 'An Inspector Calls' was written in 1945, it was set in 1912 just before World War One. The author of this play is John Boynton Priestly. He was born in Bradford, Yorkshire on 13th September 1894. At the age of 16 J.B. Priestly decided to leave school rather than continuing with his education. Priestly became a writer and started to express his views which he had gained from his experience from work, war and his father circle of social friends. In this play Priestly has shared his beliefs on the inequalities that are taking place in our society. The story starts as a family is celebrating their daughter's engagement. When, suddenly an inspector arrives and accuses the family for being responsible for the death of a young girl (Eva Smith). The young girl had committed suicide by consuming disinfectant, and also the girl was pregnant at the time of the suicide. As the play progresses all the family members confess their involvement which contributed towards the girl's death. The story is based on a family who are wealthy and are only concerned about their social status. The writer has portrayed Birlings family as selfish and self-centered individuals. Character like Mr. Birling is shown to take advantage of his position and power by paying poor people with cheap labor and treating them as inferior. ...read more.


The second motive could be that the inspector wanted to carry out one line of enquiry at a time so that he could see the suspect reaction after looking at the photograph. Also the inspector did not want the suspects to have enough time to change their story and to keep control of the situation. It's a big coincidence that every single member of this family, including Gerald Croft who recently engaged to the daughter Sheila, has a part in the death of the girl. Therefore, the third motive could be that Eva Smith changed her identity after Sheila got her removed from her second job. After losing her job Eva decided to take revenge from Sheila and Mr. Birling. Eva changed her identity and had an affair with Gerald to teach Sheila a lesson and afterward she had an affair with Eric to jeopardize Mr. Birling's position in his society. But this motive does not explain why Eva Smith killed herself. The revelation that Eva Smith was pregnant when she died this adds to the impact of the news Eva's is dead. After this revelation Mrs. Birling was considered to be the most accountable for Eva Smiths death. When the inspector approaches Mrs. Birlings and accuses her for contributing towards Eva death, Mrs. ...read more.


He was enlightening his audience by asking them to care and take a stand for each other on an individual level. This dramatic speech given by the inspector was to inspire the audience because this was something that Priestly believed in. This is most revealing and astounding scene in the play. Gerald informs the Birling family that "That man wasn't the police officer". This scene reveals what the Birling family has learnt and have they changed after confessing their secrets. But when the older generation in the Birlings finds out that there is no inspector Goole they show no remorse for their contribution towards Eva Smiths death. Mr. and Mrs. Birlings start to act as if nothing has happened and everything is the same as before "you're beginning to pretend now that nothing's really has happened at all". The younger member of Birling family feel that they still are responsible for Eva Smiths death and even though the inspector is not real "he was our inspector alright" by which they mean that he teached them a lesson. Priestly was hoping and showing to audience that even if older generation in upper class does not change but the future lie in the hands of the younger generation. Maybe the younger generation can finish the inequality in our society by treating everyone fairly and finishing the difference. . ?? ?? ?? ?? Zain Shah Ms Day 1 ...read more.

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