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inspector calls

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What was the main role of the Inspector in An Inspector Calls? The Inspector Calls is what is identified as a social play, the basis for this was the fact that J.B Priestly was concerned about the social system, furthermore he observed the class situation at the time and used it to inspire his play. In the play the story is set in 1912, just before the First World War, however in actual fact he had written it in 1945, at the end of the Second World War. The main causes for this class division was that the rich took no responsibility for the poor and instead used them to make higher profits, whilst at the same time paid for cheap labour and selling at extremely high prices. The inspector was deliberately positioned in the play to make people realise that if they didn't change the class and social stature, they would eventually pay the consequences through war. "In fire, blood and anguish." Throughout the play, the Inspector is presented in many ways. This may depend on what he does, what he says, or the way he behaves to each person. He may be referred to as the social conscience, god, a time traveler, friend/ relative of Eva smith, or a ghost. ...read more.


This shows that he does not stand impertinent and arrogant people. The Inspector leaves Eric Birling for last, as he is the father of Eva's child. He had met her at the palace bar and then entered her home in a drunken state. The Inspector is well aware of this and he feels that it is his job to remind Eric, of what he had done. 'Remember what you did- just used her up for the end of a stupid drunken evening, as is she was an animal or a thing, not a person. No you won't forget.' This is one of the harshest things he has said, in order to make the Birlings realize that they had done great damage to Eva and nothing they do will make Eva come back. They all used her, and then pushed her in to committing suicide. This makes the audience feel that, he must be a friend or a relative, for a person who feels so strongly for Eva Smith and felt that she went through a great amount of un justice. The way that J.B Priestley wanted the actor to present the character of the Inspector is shown through the stage directions; through the actor's appearance and the way he acted. ...read more.


This tells us that the Inspector's view on the social system is that we should all unite and support each other. We should realize our responsibilities and where our top most important priorities lie. Taking care of each other whether, they are black or white, rich or poor. That if we don't redeem the situation and improve it then we don't have a chance of surviving. In my opinion, Inspector Goole represented many aspects of the social situation, whether it was the discrimination of the working class, or the way the social situation was in 1912. J.B Priestly intended to create the Inspector, so that he would stand out as the voice of the social conscience. This play was created in order to reach out to people of all kinds to support one and another. If we fail in taking up our responsibilities and caring for people, no matter of financial or racial status, then the whole social cohesion might collapse. The main role of the inspector in J.B Priestley's social play An Inspector Calls. Was that of the social conscience. To make people realise what their responsibilities were socially as well as professional and personal. The Inspector, was created so that he could be used to reach out to people. Therefore, it is our responsibility and our job to maintain social harmony and peace, otherwise we would be heading for world domination and many wars. BY ALIYAH SHAIKH YEAR 10 SANDRA CRAWFORD ...read more.

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