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inspector calls essay

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Coursework In 1945 J.B Priestly wrote an inspector calls based on life in 1912. He wrote it because he thought people were not treating each other right and he wanted people to watch his play and change in themselves and treat people as they wish to be treated. He uses mr B as a fool to say some historical facts that happened between 1912 and 1945. He uses mr B to say that the titanic wouldn't sink when however it did, he uses mr B to say that there wouldn't be any world wars when there was the fist world war witch happened between 1914 and 1918.. he uses socialism in this play because he felt that power and wealth should be distributed more evenly between the wealthy and the poor. The way he uses socialism is Gerald crofts company (crofts limited) is a lot bigger and more successful than mr B's company (Birling and company) J.B priestly wanted to show lots of dramatic devices like when mrs B talks about the inspector arresting the boy that made Eva smith pregnant, the inspector stays and says he is doing his job right now and mrs b starts to cry but know one knows why. ...read more.


He looks quite relived at this point because ho knows everything he said wont be reported and told on the news or in court because the inspector is a fake and has just try to scare them. But when the phone rings mr B answers it he puts the phone down and says that there is an inspector coming round to ask some questions about a girl who has just died in the infirmary. They all go into the room where the inspector is but sees that the inspector is gone. Gerald has very mixed emotions but mostly confused and scared. At the start of act 1, Gerald's relationship with mr B is ok but Gerald doesn't have his own opinion much. "I agree". Here, by putting I agree it is showing he doesn't start any of his own conversations or have his own opinion. His relationship with Sheila is very good because they are getting engaged together and Gerald has just proposed to her. He is also very loving to Sheila because when they are toasting at the table, Gerald toasts to Sheila and Sheila toast to Gerald. In act 2 Gerald's relationship with Sheila becomes a lot worse because when the inspector starts to ask questions Sheila is shocked by what Gerald says and hands him the ring back. ...read more.


as everyone but at the end of the play when he has found out the inspector is a fraud he starts to voice his opinion a lot more " by ringing up the infirmary. Either there is a dead girl there or there isn't" His attitude towards the inspector is a lot different than from the start of the play because at the start of the play Gerald attitude towards the inspector is obscure because he doesn't know why the inspector is there however at the end of the play Gerald finds out the inspector is a fraud " that man wasn't a police officer" this suggest that Gerald doesn't care that Eva smith has died, he just wants the inspector caught for being a fraud. Overall I think that Gerald changes the most because his emotions with everyone, especially mr B, change dramatically during the play and he goes from being a grovelling person to mr B because he wants to get engaged to voicing his opinion a lot and sometimes telling mr b what to do. His relationship with everyone changes a lot but mostly with Sheila because he is getting engaged to Sheila at the start of the play but at the end he is not because of what he reviled to the inspector about his relationship with daisy Renton. ...read more.

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