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Is dating a truly necessary part of growing up for a teenager? Do you want a teenager to suffer through heart breaks, relationship problems and physical or mental damage?

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Essay topic: Dating is a necessary part of growing up for a teenager. Is dating a truly necessary part of growing up for a teenager? Do you want a teenager to suffer through heart breaks, relationship problems and physical or mental damage? No one wants this to happen to our future adults of today, therefore why shouldn't teenagers date? Dating is preparation for marriage, and since it is uncommon for teenagers to be thinking of marriage, dating does not provide any beneficial purposes. However, most people in ancient countries relating to North America, South America, India, Pakistan, Japan and Iran have arranged marriages, and in spite of that those 99 percent of marriages are very successful, and they hardly have any problems of teenage pregnancies or divorces. ...read more.


If we don't get that much socialization at home, then socialization will happen at school, or just going to your local supermarket and saying "hi" to the cashier. Dating for teens is usually a prerequisite to underage sex; the downfalls are more than the perceived benefits. The downfalls in teenager dating is lack of communication when hasty decisions are chosen, a jealous partner, long distant relationships, cheating on their girlfriend or boyfriend, when families get involved in affairs and when people forget how to talk to one another. Sometimes stress of school makes a person withdrawn, reserved and easily irritated and when two people try to resolve issues; their arguments result in more problems and eventually they stop discussing things. ...read more.


These difficulties will make you unable to concentrate on your career, or school and personal life with the focus and attention needed, in order for you to be ecstatic. For most teenagers, they are not aware of the choices and consequences when it comes to dating. Sometimes their parent's assistance can be obliging; otherwise they will be involved in situations of facing early maturities where teenagers cannot sustain themselves. In every aspect of opinions in "Teenager Dating", between the ages of zero to nineteen years old is defiantly too young to start a date. Above all, dating is not a necessary part of growing up for a teenager. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

4 star(s)

This is a good piece of writing which is well written and shows evidence of careful planning in its structure. Effective use of listing and rhetorical questions make it a convincing piece of work. Wide vocabulary nearly always adds to the writing.
However more statistics and proof to back up statements would make this essay more convincing and a more obvious conclusion is needed.

Marked by teacher Katie Dixon 29/04/2012

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