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Is secure to buy online ?

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Is secure to shopping online ? In my opinion I think is secure to purchase everything online. I used to buy online and I like very much to surf on the network looking for things to buy. However we need to be aware if the you are buying is secure and if can you trust on the seller. You should pay attention if the site you are signed in indicate that all submitted information are being encrypted. There are two manners to check it: the site address must start with https (we used to see only http). And on the page bottom may appear a padlock. ...read more.


and effectivate the payment without type the credit card number. PayPal is the most secure site regarding money transation. PayPal has never been stolen. Furthermore, you will be emailed on any iteraction with PayPal, all historic will be held and PayPal is only accepted on secure sites. There are sites (actually companies, portals, etc) which intermediate you and seller and apply some rules for both. I am talking about eBay.com, mercadolivre.com, Amazon.com. However how can you trust on this seller ? Simple. These sites I've mentioned before have mechanism to identify how reliable is a seller. For each selling, they obligate the buyers to insert a feedback on the seller profile, telling their experience with this seller, checking if the purchase was successful or not as expected. ...read more.


Further, I didn't need to send back the broken one. In addition I had a problem with a Cell Accessories Store in UK. I've bought a replacement LCD screen and after 30 business day it didn't arrive. Then, I sent an email explaining that the 30 business day has been passed as a procedure. After five days they has shipped me another screen. Because of that, I consider buying online secure as well. Of course, you can have any trouble even buying on the mall. However, the online stores they want your satisfication. If you are not satisfied they can send your money back or gives gift-cards to spend on the store. You should do your part using strong password and always click log out instead of close the page. ...read more.

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