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Is There Anybody There?

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Jonathan Tindall 10x1 GCSE Creative Writing (Final Draft) Is There Anybody There? Andy looked into his friends pale face. All he could do was watch as the flame in his friend's eyes began to fade into a cold hazy glaze. After hours of just watching and waiting, time was beginning to take its toll. He watched his friend try to speak, but his efforts were in vain. Various doctors and nurses now stood by rapidly speaking to another. What they were saying Andy didn't even try to guess. Everything around him was now just a blur. The hurried clatter of doors slamming didn't reach his ears, the smell of the nurse's air freshener no longer reached his nose, various noises failed to shake him away from his distant state of shock. One of the nurses noticing his pain took him outside of the room to get some air. He didn't even try to listen to her faint voice. He didn't even think any more; all he felt was pain, deep inflicting agonising pain. He couldn't even really remember where the pain was coming from. He sagged into a nearby chair, his head lolling onto his shoulder and cried himself to sleep. Even though he was lost in dreams he knew that when he woke up, his best friend would not be there anymore. A Doberman barked viciously as Andy leapt past the battered fence of an old cottage. The Doberman, keen to protect his territory would not quieten down until Andy was well out of sight and until he had taken two rather hard thumps from an old broomstick. Still dangerous animals could not put a downer on Andy's mood today. It was the first day of the last week of school. The summer holidays loomed overhead and the prospect of six weeks without schoolwork or anything constructive excited Andy more than anything. The fact that this year he had a friend to share his enjoyment with only thrilled him all the more. ...read more.


This seemed to make the boy pay attention. "You really think so? I mean I can play it as well." "You can play it?" "Yeah. Oh I mean on instruments." "Oh right. So uh, what instruments do you play?" From there on they would talk about anything no matter how irrelevant it was. They talked and talked. After school, during school, before school, they became inseparable. They're shared hatred of sports finally meant Andy was not all alone in P.E. Finally he had someone to stand alongside him when a cricket ball struck him. Finally he had the freedom to talk about anything he wanted without feeling foolish or nervous. It was as if he had been locked inside an old, dark cupboard and finally he had been set free. It was happiness beyond words. But it couldn't last, true happiness never does, even though the darkness of his life had finally faded, it was about to rear it's ugly head once more. When Andy awoke he noticed that it was only one in the afternoon. As he clambered to his feet he noticed there were tears in his eyes but what for he could not remember. He looked up and saw a nurse standing before him, her head bowed and her face grave. Immediately Andy remembered. "I hate to tell you this. Michael passed on a few minutes after you left the room. I'm sorry. If you want, I could arrange a session with someone you can talk to. Confidential of... course." She broke off her sentence. Andy stood in shock for a while; time stood still, the tears did not drip from his eyes no longer, he ceased to hear the hurried footsteps of doctors rushing to and fro, finally he sank to his knees his head in his hands. He fell onto his side. "Why? Why him? Why him? Why him?" For two minutes he repeated those words over and over again. The nurse was lost on what she should do. ...read more.


"You had to die, didn't you? Why couldn't you stay so I could be happy? No that was too much trouble for you! Did you not like me? Is this your way of getting rid of me? You could have said you don't like me! You could have said..." Andy was now stood before the freshly buried grave of Mike. The funeral observer's had now all left and he was alone ranting. In his hand he held a small handgun loaded with a single bullet. "You said that if I am unhappy then there is no point in living. Well guess what? I'm unhappy! I'm empty inside! Well now I'm coming to join you. I'm coming. And you won't be able to escape from me this time. You were my best friend and you left, you left me all alone. Well I'm not going to be alone much longer." He held the gun in his hands pointing upwards into his neck. He let out three screams. One scream for the loneliness he had felt all of his life. A second scream for the joy of finding a friend and a third for having it taken away from him. He dropped to his knees. The last thing he saw was the darkness of the gun's barrel. The last thing he heard was a loud bang. His mother's car pulled into the cemetery, but it was too late. Blood stained Mike's tombstone. "Hello is there anybody there? I thought you would be here if I followed? Where are you all? Isn't there anybody around at all? Please, come and talk to me? I'll talk how you want me to. I'll wear the clothes you want me to. I'll listen to your favourite music; I'll eat your favourite food. You said that if I was unhappy then there was no point living! You said there no point in living! Where are you? Won't somebody help me? Won't somebody come talk to me? Oh god I'm so alone. Why isn't anybody with me? I'm so lonely. Please! All I want is a friend." ...read more.

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