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Is work experience benefical?

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During the course of this essay I will be looking at the pros and cons on whether or not I think work experience is beneficial. I went on work experience week last week to a day care nursery as I was interested in working with children when I leave school. It really opened my eyes to children development stages and also the different moods they are in each day and also how difficult it is to look after disabled children. On the first day of my work experience I was really looking forward to the whole aspect of not going to school for a week and having a responsibility and also a chance to work alongside children and also with the staff. When I arrived at the nursery the staff made me very welcome and therefore I didn't feel out of place and was able to get on with everyone as you have to have good communication skills in any job you're in. First off all I went to the baby unit in the nursery and was able to embrace the experience of looking after babies ranging from the age of 5 months to 18 months. ...read more.


There were 16 of these children so it was a little more challenging to look after them all and especially when it came to feeding time. We put them all on high chairs and began feeding them one by one. After feeding time they played but it was more difficult as they were all very active and were all able to run. One child had even learnt to bite and was biting the other children, and it all ended in tears. Once the child did something in which they shouldn't have they were placed on time out where they had to sit excluded from the rest for 2 minutes. This was the nursery's disciplinary regime. On the 3 and 4 day I was in with the toddlers there were about 20 toddlers which ages varied from 2-3 years. This was a task as they were all able to talk, hit and run. Some of the children would have hit one another and it was our duty to put them on time out and make sure it doesn't continue. ...read more.


It really does make you thankful that we have a good health because it just shows you being with the disabled children how grateful we should be for having good health. I really enjoyed my weeks work experience. But don't think I would be able to do that job for the rest of my life as it is very repetitive. I think that work experience week is very beneficial as it lets you see what the job you were thinking of doing when you leave school what it exactly entails. Like for incidence I wanted to work in a nursery but after the weeks work experience I have decided that the job isn't for me. And if I didn't go on work experience then I would probably have trained to be a nursery worker then when I'm fully qualified and in the job realise that it isn't for me then I'd be back at square one again. Whereas after being on work experience I have realised that that particular job isn't for me and now to go down a different career route than the one I was thinking of. ...read more.

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