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Isn't it funny how you wake up in the morning full of optimism for the day, only to realise that this not a fantasy and reality is about to kick in any moment now.

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Original Writing "Isn't it funny how you wake up in the morning full of optimism for the day, only to realise that this not a fantasy and reality is about to kick in any moment now that's how I feel every morning and staring back at my face in the mirror is my reality check". Rain trickles down on to the streets he hastily walks to the bus stop not knowing what type of torment lies in waiting for him at school. The Bus journeys had been strangely mellower than usual, I had always been used to either being pelted at with the remains of peoples breakfast or being segregated by the rest of the schoolchildren, but today was quiet a little too quiet if u ask me. Something was going on. No one not even he himself could foresee what tragic event was going to happen today. "Good Morning" said his cheery form tutor Mr.Crollins, sickened me to death how he had constantly ignored my cries for help and still had the decency to greet me in the morning. Somehow my form tutor interpreted my reports of bullying as me being and an attention seeker. ...read more.


Everyone feared him with most of the boys hating him at times. He came in to reprimand a boy wearing trainers. Carl had always been walking a tight rope throughout his school life. Disobeying teachers never doing homework and for Mr.Doyle this was the stick that broke the camels back as he excluded him indefinitely. Lunch came quicker than usual the morning had been reasonably calm and quiet I hadn't been insulted or attacked once. I walked to the lunch room. Lining up for lunch seemed like a formality but not at my school boys pushing and shoving constantly for an outsider you would think we were in the Amazon jungle and that this was survival of the fittest. My Head of year came over casually saying hello with her fake smile to think a year ago this woman hated the sight of me and now since she gets promoted everything is all rosy. Whenever I got my food The Teachers would always look at how big of a serving I had got that really vexed me. I sat down in my usual seat segregated from everyone I sat and reminisced on how the day was going but I knew what lesson was next I knew I would need some sort of self defence mechanism to fend off the parasites that plan to attack me. ...read more.


I had come to the realisation that my life in this place was going to be like this all of the time I had to make a decision and it had to be now I no longer wanted to be the attention seeker. The tears were still flooding down my cheek. You would have thought that someone would have run after me. I decided to leave and not come back I walked to the school gate with my back looping down my side It was finally time to do what I had been contemplating for the past 5 years isn't it ironic 30 seconds away from my school is the infamous suicide bridge. I approached it my hands trembling violently as I touched the metal spikes I stood in silence looking up at god waiting for a sign that I should not go through with it but he never answered. The tears had stopped not because I stopped them but I could not cry any more I had nothing left in me any more. I lifted my leg onto the bridge and finally reached the top. I looked like the statue in Rio de Janeiro I looked up for another sign but nothing. You know they say your life flashes before your eyes before you die I never had a life. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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