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ISP - The Middle Passages

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ISP - The Middle Passages In our lives, we are always reaching out to connect with others. We are naturally and constantly searching for love and friendship. We only have a short time here on Earth, and we strive to share it, to go through all of life's experiences with a few close and completely essential people. In her novel "The Girls", Lori Lansens shows us the importance of connection in our lives, using thorough characterization and an effective plot element to tell an incredibly realistic story while illustrating our need for connection with other human beings. Lansens' two main characters are Rose and Ruby, a pair of craniopagus twins (joined at the head). Because they share an essential vein, they can never be separated - they have a strong physical connection as well as a strong emotional one. ...read more.


Above all, she despises self-pity and wants her girls to lead full lives. She challenges them because she believes that their conjoinment will ensure their survival rather than hinder it; their connection is their strength and makes them remarkable. Aunt Lovey herself also has an essential connection with her husband, Uncle Stash - the author makes a direct comparison between the couple and the conjoined twins: In spite of their imperfect union, their different interests and language and culture, Uncle Stash and Aunt Lovey shared an essential vein and should never have been separated. Aunt Lovey had passed away in a car accident, leaving Uncle Stash empty and lost. Rose believes he could have willed himself to die there while kissing his wife's cheek. ...read more.


On the last page, however, she adds, "One more change I might make [to the beginning of the book] is to say that I wouldn't live a thousand lives, but a million to infinity, to live the life I've lived as me." Ruby believes in reincarnation, and in her words: "...Rose is in all my visions and dreams about lives I've lived." Although their impending deaths create new and challenging struggles for the girls, they traverse them together and their sisterly relationship grows through their troubles. Together, and with each other's support, they learn how to accept and cope with both life and death. Their connection makes them extraordinary and ordinary, for all humans must connect with each other in order to survive. Lori Lansens writes a stirring tale about connection on levels physical and emotional, a connection so strong that it may even transcend life itself. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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