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It is believed that the Tempest reflects one of the themes of Shakespeare time: colonisation. Shakespeare uses Caliban to symbolise

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"Ban' ban' Ca-Caliban, has a new master, get a new man. Freedom, high-day..." To what extent does this quote contribute to the themes of the play as a whole and what is its significance. It is believed that the Tempest reflects one of the themes of Shakespeare time: colonisation. Shakespeare uses Caliban to symbolise the earlier inhabitants of the island. Caliban is a brutish creature; this is also mirrored in its name. Caliban sounds similar to cannibal. As Prospero and his daughter are stranded on the island, they first treat Caliban kindly, and for this he offers them help and teaches them how to use the island and its characteristics of nature. Prospero also puts the spirits into slavery, like Ariel. Ariel and Caliban can be compared with one another. They both are slaves to prospero, and work for him, threatened if they do not do the work like he says, and it is possible to argue about that they are two aspects of one character. ...read more.


Caliban does not see that he is making the same mistake as he did twelve years ago when Prospero was stranded on the island. The main theme of the quote however, is that Caliban feels free, and believes he is able to overthrow Prospero with a butler as his leader. With the quote: "Caliban, has a new master, get a new man" we can see that Caliban believes he is free from Prospero because he can chose his own master. Caliban however does not know the meaning of freedom. He is not capable of being king of the isle or even of himself. He always needs a leader. Because Caliban has lived his whole life on the island he has no moral understanding about anything else but enslavement. Shakespeare shows this in Caliban's try attempted rape of Miranda just to populate the island. It is not for sure, if Caliban even knows that Stephano is a butler. In a way, Caliban is jus blinded by the addictive effect of the alcohol and is attracted to Stephano because of his distorted view. ...read more.


Shakespeare has used different styles of speech for the different characters, for the higher-class characters like Prospero and Miranda and Gonzalo. However Caliban also speaks in iambic pentameter. This shows that Miranda had taught him how to speak, but it could also mean that Caliban is a higher-class character, only hidden by his "un-social" cover. There is evidence that Caliban is a higher-class character because the island actually belongs to him through his mother, he is king of the isle. This iambic pentameter has the effect on the audience, because, they believe Caliban is a brutish monster, whereas the language in verse contradicts that. The audience gain sympathy for Caliban and see him in a different point of view, as a fallen king, who is put into slavery, who has no fault in his appearance and his lifestyle is decorated with hate towards Prospero and Miranda. The quote has contributed to the themes in the play as it reflects most of the Colonisation with its slavery and how Caliban feels free by being allowd to choose his master. 1062 words. David Engelmann Page 1 18/12/2007 ...read more.

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