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It Was a Normal School Day.

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It was a normal school day. I went to the bus stop in the morning and I just caught it by about three seconds. When I got on the bus I was talking to my friend Edward and we were deciding where we were going to go after school. We thought that we would go and see these friends that we know really well at his Holy place in East Keswick. After school Edward and I met Richard and Dan at the bus stop in East Keswick. Dan said that he had a bad feeling about today so he had this 12inch knife with him. We then went down to the Holy place to see these friends of ours. We knocked on the door and they let us in and on the way in we went past this model of Mary. We were just talking about how they think it is really bad to use bad language especially in there Holy place. Ten minutes later Edward said "sh*t it bloody raining". The eyes on the model of Mary near the door turned red. We all ran for the door but the hand on the model flew straight up into the air and in front of the door stopping us from leaving. ...read more.


I decided that Frank, Richard and I would go into the police station. When we went inside we went up to the report desk. Frank said we had a hard to believe but true story to tell them and that they should at least check out to see if we are telling the truth or not and come back to the Holy place with us. There was one patrol car free so he followed us back to East Keswick. When we arrived back at the holy place no one would go in with the policeman. Mark was brave and decided that he would go back in with him. The policeman went in with his baton in one hand and the other was opening the broken door. He went in and shouted "oh my god" and there it was standing right in front of him with its glaring red eyes looking down on him. He smacked it with his baton numerous times but it didn't fall over then it just made this really load roaring sound like a lion. It scared the hell out of the policeman so he ran out the Holy place and jumped into his car. He then called for backup. In 10 minutes there were at least ten police cars surrounding the building. ...read more.


It seemed to blow it to smithereens because all of its bits of plastic flew up into the air but on their way down they seem to start building up again until yet again the model grew even more. The army were starting to get worried so they had a discussion on why it ran back inside when it stopped raining and then came out when it wasn't raining. They came to the conclusion that the only weakness it had was water. They decided to call in the fire brigade which we all thought it was rather bizarre. When they arrived we wandered why they were getting their hose out when there was no fire so we thought they were going to blow up the building with the C4. Then we saw the same policeman go in and lour the model out again and when he got it out the firemen fired water at it and the next thing we saw was these red and purple flames come off it and then a puff of smoke. We all sighed in relief and thanked the fire brigade and all the armed forces and they thanked us to for helping them and making them believe it was true. We all went home with a very thrilling story to tell our children and our grandchildren and of course our parents who thought we were mad until they heard it on the news. ...read more.

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