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'Jaws' media coursework

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'Analyse the first scene in the movie 'Jaws' and the film techniques the director, Steven Spielberg uses to build fear and suspense to scare the audience' Jaws is an iconic film created in 1975 which uses suspense and tension to frighten the audience. Jaws was the first of its kind in the film industry and is still heralded as a classic. Its director, Steven Spielberg, used new techniques like colour connotations and camera shots to create feelings of dramatic irony and scare the viewer. The film was based on the novel by Peter Benchley, it starred Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw, and Richard Dreyfuss as concerned citizens of Amity Island trying to protect their villagers from a killer shark that is lurking in their seas waiting for a feast. The director introduces music and sound within the first minute of the film. The dark, eerie title attack music dramatically changes to the light calm playing of the harmonica and guitar leaving the viewer guessing at what is to happen leaving them tense and agitated. ...read more.


The first shot we come across in the film is an establishing shot to give the audience a sense of surrounding, then it progresses into medium close-ups of the two main characters in this scene, Chrissy and Drunk Boy, this shows their importance. A point of view shot is used when Chrissy is in the water, the shot is taken below the sea to make it seem like the shark although at this time the creature is unknown, this creates suspense and it shows how na�ve and vulnerable Chrissy is. A tracking shot is used to signify how crucial it is that Chrissy and Drunk boy have crossed the moral boundary, and to show the speed of their movements. Throughout the film there are many religious images portrayed, they are used to create many effects. In the first scene Chrissy and Drunk boy are perceived as Adam and Eve like characters as they gave into temptation, each other , all because they were na�ve and idiotic and because they become naked to be together like Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden. ...read more.


Also because it is night time it is dark, shadowy it represents the shark and its characteristics. Red also connotes the devil, and evil. The mayor could be seen as acting in an evil way for example when the Chief tells him of Chrissy's death from the shark, but he ignores the Chief because he will lose money if he closes the beaches. This could show his devilish ways as he drives a red car and it also shows his greed and ignorance. To conclude, many techniques are used throughout 'Jaws' to create and sustain the feeling of tension and suspense to scare the audience. Steven Spielberg has produced this by using; religious imagery and how it relates to the audience, colour connotations and what they signify, camera shots and how they can be used to create impending doom/dramatic irony, music to produce the effect of a scared heartbeat etc. All techniques play a vital role in making the film the success it was. ?? ?? ?? ?? Elise Whiteley Mrs Cawsey ...read more.

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