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"Jaws (Style A)" Movie Poster

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A Film Review on Jaws Based on the novel by Peter Benchley, the film sees New York cop, Martin Brody (played by Schneider), investigating a series of deaths that bear all the evidence of a shark attack. This was originally rated as a PG but when re-released a 12. A great opening scene showing Chrissy 'the stereotypical blonde' being devoured by the unknown killer, puzzles most reviewers in the question is it a horror or a thriller? The famous Dah Dum holds suspense until the attack and every time we hear it we think 'get out of the water!' After the shark feeds on little Alex Kintner, his mother sets a reward for the destruction of the shark and the costal resort of Amity Island becomes a frantic place to stay. Spielberg reveals the shark bit by bit making us imagine what it looks all together like e.g. ...read more.


the shark, this is the first time we see the shark's face this makes us feel vulnerable as Spielberg may do this again in the film. Meanwhile Brody's finally given the green light by the Mayor to hunt the eating machine down. Unfortunately with the whole town's resources at his disposal, Brody chooses to go to sea with Hooper and Quint (played by Shaw) a mad fisherman who owns the most rickety boat you have ever seen. Why didn't they just take Hooper's boat, the one with the metal hull and sonar? This ensures you that it's going to be a weak link for the adventurers and there is going to be rough time ahead. What then follows is the most 'nail biting' fishing trip of all time, with Quint trying to reel the shark in with a fishing rod! Quint then larks about with a harpoon and a stack of barrels which I would fire all at once. ...read more.


Fortunately he read a book earlier in the film and got an idea of putting a gas canister in the sharks mouth and then Kaboom! The shark is history, Hooper returns from under the sea but they swim back to shore but then again if there is a sea of blood wouldn't more sharks be attracted this is another aspect of the film that makes it slightly fake. Jaws can be thought as a thriller as it has a threat of the unknown but I think horror is the right title for it. It has many more aspects of a horror than a thriller because the film is more open to what the killer is than the killer in a thriller as they are normally revealed at the end of the film. The only change that could be made in my opinion are the special effects that in them days were good, could be made now with modern technology. By Gary Wilkinson ...read more.

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