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Jeffrey lionel dahmer - date of birth may 21 - murders committed 16 - the childhood struggles of a mass murderer

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full name :: jeffrey lionel dahmer date of birth :: may 21, 1960 date of death :: november 28, 1998 murders committed :: 16 ... childhood .. struggles ... Jeffrey Dahmer was born May 21, 1960 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He had a typical family, which consisted of his father Lionel Dahmer, his mother Joyce Dahmer, and his little brother David. When Jeffrey was eight years old, he and his family moved to the small town of Bath Township, Ohio. Since Jeffrey didn't have any friends there, he would spend most of his time in the woods behind their house. There he would mutilate and decapitate small animals, mostly dogs, cats, and squirrels. His parents worried but figured it was just a boy thing. When Jeffrey started high school, everybody tried to keep their distance from him. They thought he was kind of strange because of the way he would talk and because he had a very short temper. After a while he learned that if he could drink with the best of them, he would fit in. He knew that if he would act different, such as creating a scene in a public place, people would watch him and he would be getting attention. ...read more.


Once again Jeffrey felt rejected and unwanted. What made it so bad for him was that it was his own grandmother pushing him away. In 1988 he moved out of his grandmother's house and into his own apartment at the Oxford Apartments on North Twenty-fifth Street. ... the .. killing .. spree ... In August 1988, Jeffrey was arrested for molesting a thirteen-year-old boy. He later found out that it was the brother of the Laotian boy he would kill May 26, 1991. On March 25,1989, Jeffrey met Anthony Sears at LaCage bar. The LaCage bar was a very popular place for homosexuals to go to meet others. Jeffrey went there quite often for that purpose. Jeffrey said that if Anthony would go back to his house with him, they would drink, take nude photographs, and make love. Anthony accepted the offer. They went back to Jeffrey's grandmother's house, engaged in sex, and then Jeffrey slipped some homemade sleeping potion into Anthony's drink. After he had passed out, Jeffrey chopped him up and began the normal procedure. He boiled the head and peeled the skin back. After it had dried, he painted the skull gray and took it home as a souvenir. ...read more.


Because they were so irresponsible, it created a lot of rage throughout the city. Jeffrey admitted to all the murders and he even told the authorities where some other bodies were hidden. He pleaded insanity. Jeffrey was charged with sixteen life sentences. He had really killed seventeen people but they couldn't find the body of Steven W. Toumi, so he wasn't charged for it. On November 28, 1994, Jeffrey's body was found in the restroom of the Columbia Correctional Institute. He had been murdered by a black man who had also killed another racist white man at the same time. The three men had been assigned to mop the restroom floors when an argument started. An argument ending in tragedy to some and joy to others. It was later described that Jeffrey's head looked like it has been repeatedly smashed into the wall or floor. It resembled a watermelon that had been dropped a couple times. For Jeffrey's family it was a very hard time, despite all the grief he had caused to innocent families, they still loved him. The reporters were also very hard for the Dahmer family to deal with. To many it was just the end to another nightmare. ...read more.

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