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Journey in the jeep.

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Adam Lane 10r2 Mrs McEvoy Journey in the jeep. The air in Icmeler was humid. I could hardly breathe. When the water bounced off the sides of the jetty it was incredibly refreshing. I could smell the seaweed from miles away. It was disgusting. Sweat was dripping from my brow all day long. I was constantly buying ice creams, just to keep cool. Every day I was awakened by the same sound. It was the big tourist boats revving up their engines. Every morning I would sit on my elegantly decorated balcony, and watch the Turkish men setting up everything at the harbour. What show-offs they were! They would stand on their boats posing, with their shirts off and wearing fake designer sunglasses. The people were quite friendly however, even though they loved themselves. Every restaurant I walked past had someone standing outside, begging people to come inside. One of them actually dragged me inside, literally. I thought it was so cheeky, but he thought it was normal to do that. It was approaching the end of my holiday in Turkey and I had enjoyed my trip. I had taken part in many activities and I got to know a lot about the Turkish culture. The thing I liked most however was the Jeep Safari. It was an excellent day out.......... ...read more.


Finally, I was starting to prepare for the jeep adventure. The family in the back, who were from Germany, were regretting taking part in the safari I could tell. I tried to communicate with them, "Hello! Are you ready for this?" They just gave me a very blank look. Our driver who was an incredibly grumpy old man revved up the engine. We were off! Our first stop was the Car region. This was where the first ever settlers stayed in Icmeler. The sun was smiling and it was a beautiful day. The water was being squirted everywhere and even though I wasn't meant to be squirted I was getting hit all of the time, which was good because it was so refreshing in the scorching heat. When we arrived at the Car region, there was a large tree with an eye carved into the bark. This eye symbolised the start of the Ataturk era in Turkey after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire in World War 1. This was when the Ottoman Empire was ended after a 600 year reign in Turkey and many other countries in Asia. Then a man called Kemal Ataturk was appointed the first president of the new Republic of Turkey and he modernised the whole country. He began the Ataturk era. After a lengthy water refilling session at the pond, we were back on the road. ...read more.


The cliffs were incredibly steep and I was terrified whenever we turned a corner. I could tell the driver was getting distracted by the water, which was highly dangerous because of the nature of the roads. When we got back to the beach I was extremely relieved. I don't really like heights. The Germans in the back of the jeep were not impressed as their clothes were soaking and they didn't get much chance to admire the scenery. It was only a couple of minutes walk to my hotel from the beach. I could see a big game of volleyball taking place on one of many volleyball courts scattered along the bay. It seemed to be a popular sport in Turkey. It was the last night of the holiday and I decided to go out to my favourite pub in Icmeler. It was excellent there was good music, pool tables, a darts board, an arcade area and a swimming pool in the back. The pub was called Erguns. There weren't that many pubs or clubs in Icmeler it was mainly restaurants. It wasn't a place for teenagers who want to get drunk in the early hours of the morning. Overall I would definitely recommend the friendly town of Icmeler. Families would have a cracking time and there are many things to do. For example, a wide range of water sports, you could sample a Turkish bath or maybe even a mud bath and many more activities. I have many reasons to want to come back next year! ...read more.

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