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Journeys End

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Explore how R.C Sheriff makes Act 3 scene 3 a moving ending to the play Journeys End By Lauren James In this essay, I will be writing about how R.C Sheriff creates a moving ending to his play and all the techniques and methods he uses to do this. I thought the ending of the play was very sad because Raleigh who has been a friendly, kind man throughout the play tragically dies fighting in the war. Another reason why I found it very sad is because it reflects all the young innocent people that died during the war. Throughout the play, the audience see Stanhope in many different lights. Early in the play, Osborne considers Stanhope as being 'the best commander we've got'. However, the impact of war changes Stanhope and Hardy contradicts Osborne when he says 'Drinking like a fish as usual?' pointing out the fact that Stanhope is an alcoholic. In this scene, we see Stanhope acting the opposite to what Osborne considers him as being. Stanhope is rude about other soldiers. He talks about Hibbert calling him 'another worm trying to wriggle home' because he is trying to go home. One person in particular who experiences Stanhope in many different lights is Raleigh. Raleigh knew Stanhope before he joined the army as he was in a relationship with Raleigh's sister Madge. ...read more.


It shows this when he calls him for the first time by his first name 'Jimmy', instead of calling him by his surname which is a formal way of calling somebody if you do not know them very well. Although he acts a good leader towards Raleigh when he is injured, before he knew that Raleigh had been injured, he lets down the rest of his battalion because he should be out there fighting along side them, but instead he sits in the trench. He snaps at Hibbert and says "You're trying to waste as much time as you can" when Hibbert avoids going out to fight. This shows Stanhope is contradicting himself because he is the one wasting time sitting in the trench whilst everybody else is fighting and a good leader would have gone out and fought besides them. When the dugout collapses at the very end of the play, it is very sad because there are no soldiers in sight and the area looks destroyed. This leaves us with the impression that everybody had died. In the last scene, the phrase 'a very faint rose light is beginning to glow in the dawn sky' symbolises a light of hope for Raleigh. However this could also symbolise Raleigh in the sky going to heaven. The colour 'rose' could also suggest the sky is turning red which could symbolize the anger of the soldiers who are innocently dieing. ...read more.


He was severely injured during the war and was awarded the military cross. Although R.C Sheriff survived the war, he would have known young innocent people like himself who died. Living in the trenches, the impacts of war and people dieing must have affected Sheriff like it does to Stanhope in the story. I feel that R.C Sheriff portrays the character Stanhope because they both found ways of controlling their emotions and taking their mind off death and the war, Sheriff did this by writing stories and Stanhope did this by drinking alcohol. In conclusion, I think the play should have been made because all the people who died during the war should be remembered as heroes and making a book about the war is a great way of telling the story to future generations, as the heroes who fought during the war should always be remembered. It is also a good way of educating people about the war. However I do not think Sheriff should have made the story during the war because males in Britain had no choice in joining the army and if they read this book, it would have certainly made them feel even more scared and worried, as it is a very emotional story. This story is also likely to upset the families who lost their loved ones in the war and bring back bad memories for the people who fought in the war and survived. By Lauren James ...read more.

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