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Juliet, 'Bride of Death'

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Juliet, 'Bride of Death'. Examine her character in the light of this description Para1 In this play Juliet is a character that develops from an obedient and innocent to child into a tragic heroine. Shakespeare's audience already knew the story of Romeo and Juliet from a very popular story in Europe, which was translated in English in 1562 as a poem called "the tragicall historye of Romeus and Juliet" by Arthur Brooke. He based his poem from Pierre Boaistuau's French translation from an Italian source. Shakespeare adapts Brooke's poem for a stage production developing the characters and changed the time frame. He changes Juliet's age from 16 in Brooke's version to 13, which helps highlight some themes of his own such as Juliet's vulnerability and youth. ...read more.


However he does invite Paris to his banquet so that Paris can meet Juliet and so he can find out what Juliet thinks. Paris' persistence may also show that he considers the potential marriage to be more than just a business transaction, which makes the audience worry about the consequences of this on the "star cross'd lovers" that they heard about in the prologue. Para2 Then Lord Capulet tries to force Juliet to marry Paris but Juliet is respectful and polite, "I'll look to like if looking liking move But no more will endart mine eye. Than your consent gives strength to make it fly." She is very polite in her reply and is saying that she is happy to have her father' consent but that we will not agree until she has met the man. ...read more.


Then as her Nurse, her only friend left knowing about Romeo turns against her and tells Juliet's father that she will marry Paris on Thursday. Juliet was surprised the nurse said "yes" for her and says to her mother "I cannot be married in such haste". Her father enters soon after expecting his daughter to be all excited about the wedding he arranged on her behalf from what the nurse had said to Lord Capulet. He becomes enraged and demands that Juliet obey his "decree" and prepare for the wedding. The Nurse tries to defend Juliet, but she does not succeed. Lord Capulet also threatens to disown his daughter if she keeps denying him, the nurse takes her father's side and tell Juliet to obey her father and Juliet takes refuge in Friar Lawrence's church and asks him advice. ...read more.

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