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Juliet's Diary.

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Juliet's Diary Tonight is the big masquerade ball. I'm to meet Paris, my husband to be. I don't even have a choice of whom I marry, but if my mother and Nurse have agreed he must be a good man. I'm very excited. I met THE most amazing man last night, the man of my dreams, our future is written in the stars - so he says. He's tall, he has short light hair, and he is beautiful! His sparkly brown eyes glistened in the moonlight. I questioned Nurse and she told me he was none other than my family's worst enemy's son! He goes by the name of Romeo Montague. He kisses by the book. I miss him. Paris the man my parents want me to marry... O, I want to see Romeo. Where is my Nurse? ...read more.


That's later today I'm getting married. I have just got married and I've never been so happy, I'm ecstatic... Nurse paid me a visit. Romeo my husband. Has killed my cousin Tybalt. Oh how it hurts my ears to hear that my cousin and my husband fought over me. Tybalt killed Mercutio. As a result of Tybalt killing Romeo's best friend, Romeo fought him; it must have been an accident Romeo wouldn't harm a fly. Tybalt is gone, and Romeo, banished; Romeo that killed him, he is banished. My new husband banished to Mantua and I may never see him again Romeo is banished, There is no end, no limit, measure, bound, In that word's death; no words can that woe sound. Romeo is to visit me tonight. Romeo will take my maidenhead. My father and Mother want me to marry Paris Tomorrow, I never wished to marry Paris. I love Romeo, with every breath I take. ...read more.


I am SCARED! I am nervous. Will my Romeo be there when I wake, after two and forty hours? Friar Lawrence has sent him a note he has received it. He must have done otherwise Friar Lawrence would not have let me take the potion. What will happen if my Romeo is not there as I wake? Will I sit there and wait? Will I go back to sleep? Will I get up and walk away? My parents will be so upset when they find out what I've done, but maybe they'll understand, that the only man in my life is my lovely Romeo. I don't want to wake up in the dark to see my dead relatives and my dear, dear Tybalt, who was so unlawfully killed by my loving husband. Romeo will be there, he must I shall meet him when I wake. I shall be seeing him soon, only 42 hours to go. Charlotte Hyde 10C Juliet's Diary ...read more.

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