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Juliets soliloquy before taking the potion.

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BEFORE THE SPEECH Juliet has so far been presented as brave, but this has progressed throughout the few days of the play. She has changed a lot during the course of the play, beginning it by being very obedient, and wanting her parent's permission to be married. By the end of the play she has married Romeo, and shows her bravery by doing so behind her family's backs, and what may be worse she has married her 'enemy'. She is also stubborn, and believes in keeping her word, which I shown by her determination to keep her marriage vows to Romeo by not marrying Paris. Emotionally Juliet is very insecure. In the space of twenty-four hours she had gone from never thinking about marriage "It is an honour that I dream not of" to falling in love with Romeo and marrying him. A couple of hours later Romeo was banished, and Juliet became very emotional and confused, to the point that she believed she was in the Capulet Family Tomb talking to her recently deceased cousin, Tybalt. This proves that in the space of three or four days she became emotionally and mentally > (NON SLANG WORD) all because of her love for Romeo. Juliet had quite a good life before she fell in love with Romeo. She was born into the wealthy and powerful Capulet family, and from what has been shown within the play she has had a generally good upbringing (mainly thanks to her nurse). ...read more.


Once again her voice would turn panicky as she wonders about the Friars motives, but would calm down as she realises he is a holy man, and could do no wrong. From this point the speech takes a strange twist, with Juliet thinking she's in the Capulet tomb. Here her voice would be chopping and changing very quickly as different emotions run through her. As with her mood and tone of voice, the pace of which Juliet speaks will change regularly. I would expect when Juliet asks a question "Shall I be married ..." she would blurt it out, rushing the words. Then she would pause for a second, and answer the question slowly and calmly. "No, no! This shall forbid it" I believe this would happen because when she asks the question she is scared of what the answer will be, but after she's thought about it and realises the answer isn't as frightening as she first thought, she is able to answer calmly. Shakespeare uses many methods to emphesise certain parts of the speech, and uses carefully chosen words to appeal to our different senses "I have a faint cold fear thrill through my veins That almost freezes up the heat of life." Here Shakespeare uses alliteration with the constatnt repetition of 'breathy' th and f sounds. The next thing that stands out is the two syllable line "Come, vial." This sticks out because it doesn't comply with Shakespeare's 10 syllables per-line rule, which he adopts for the whole play. It was clearly meant to be noticed. ...read more.


Then on the thirty-first line she sould stand up, and pace around the room. On line fourty-four Juliet should go and pick up the potion, and after taking it let go of it, letting the bottle smash on the floor while she falls on the bed. GENERAL POINTS Shakespeare uses the speech to echo a few things that ahve happened in Juliet's past. Firstly she brings up the fact her Nurse let her down "Nurse! - What would she do here? Mydismal scene I needs myst act alone." Soon after she comment on when Friar married her and Romeo "Lest in the marriage he should bedishonoured Because he married me before to Romeo?" Later on she comments on Tybalts death. and what he may look like in the tomb. "Where bloody Tybaly, yet but green in earth, Lies festering in his shroud." Finall she talks about Tybalt's ghost chasing Romeo, which is an echo because Tybalt hated Romeo and was always after him. The audience learns from this speech that Juliet is a very brave girl. She had been through a lot for a thirteen year old girl, and proved her love for Romeo to be true by being willing to give up her life if she cant be with him. She shows that she is very mature for her age by keeping her mariiage a secret from the people it would upset. I would like theaudience to feel sorry for Juliet as she has lead an unusual life. From not giving marriage a thought, to marrying a man she hardly knows, she has changed a great deal in just a few days. ...read more.

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