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Kestrel And The Bin.

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The Kestrel and The Bin. Mrs Casper is at the table drinking coffee, acting aggressively with jud and Billy, she could feel the tension in the room. These two have al ways been like this, always arguing over some pathetic thing, I knew why Jud put Billy's hawk in the bin, 'cos he did place on the bet at the bookies for are Jud, he would of won a tenner, but I suppose it's not that bad to throw some over possessive Billy enjoyed and meant the world to him. Billy's always been an outsider should I say, he is always wanting to do his thing that no-one would want to do and what no-one cared about. Billy asked Jud where he put the hawk, jud put it in the bin and Billy just started to cry, I had ago at Jud, Jud knew that hawk meant the world to Billy. ...read more.


I didn't want to come too work today 'cos the house was a mess and I needed to sort the 'ouse out but I had to do some more time to get some money. Working behind the range in the fish and chip shop asking what people want, it does my headin'. Every man I meet they don't want the same what I do, they juts wanted what every other man does. Some of the men were pledging me happiness but none remained. She gets a cigarette out and smokes it. Well my Billy he's always getting in trouble, he doesn't care about school, he always getting this cane however the English teacher at Billy's school always tries to encourage Billy to get on with his work. ...read more.


'' fancy going to the club tonight lovely?'' he just completely changed the conversation, I knew he didn't want too marry me, all he wanted was too have a bit of sex. Goes to the sink and looks outside the window and stares at the sky. I'm wondering where are Billy is at the moment. I know for a fact he wont be at school, he never goes in, when he does, he doesn't do anything, in his report it said he always gets in to trouble bit same like are Jud except he was a bully. Are Billy can hardly read, always takes his time to read a page in a book, he hasn't even picked out what to do in the future. ''Bell rings'' Bleeming hell it's the end of work, so I'll see you later Jude. ...read more.

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