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Lady Liberty

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LADY LIBERTY It was 1885 in New York City. A little boy named Frederick Bloomsmen was hurrying down the streets to get to his master's shop. "Mayhap if I hurry, I'll get to see Lady Liberty," Frederick thought. But as he ran along, he heard the town clock strike 6:00. "Oh no! I've got to make haste!" Frederick said desperately. Frederick had been delivering a saddle to the cart builder and had spent too long talking to the cart builder's son. Slam! The door to his master's store opened and shut as Frederick ran in. "Where have you been??" Mr. Ezra (for that was Frederick's master's name) roared. "Delivering the saddle, sir, just as you asked me to," Frederick answered timidly. ...read more.


"Ten cents," Frederick's head rang out as he ran home, "Where can I get such a fortune?" The next Monday, Frederick had almost forgotten the figurine. "Mr. Ezra, sir, may I please have my wages?" "All right, lad, but only because you haven't been sassin' me." He opened the cash register and dropped a nickle into Frederick's outstretched palm. Halfway there! Frederick's head seemed to yell out with joy. Now he thought about how pretty that figure would look on Mama's mantle. " I'll give it to her for her next birthday," he said aloud. "What was that, boy?" Mr. Ezra said. "Nothing," Frederick said quickly, blushing bright red. The next morning after his chores were done, Frederick ran to the shop where the figure of Lady Liberty sat, to see if she was still there. ...read more.


I've got a birthday present for you!" So Frederick stopped and went inside the shop. The shopkeeper handed him a small box. "Open it," he urged. As Frederick did so, his eyebrows slid up as his mouth went down. For there, beautifully arranged in a pile of white tissue paper, sat the figurine of Lady Liberty! Frederick felt dizzy with happiness as he left the shop. Mama's birthday came just as quickly as Frederick's had. Frederick re-wrapped Mama's birthday present. When the time came for her to open it, her mouth dropped in surprise. "Why Frederick, where did you get this?" she asked in bewilderment, "It's beautiful! I absolutely love it! I'll put it on the mantle." Frederick had to tell her the entire story, which was similar to the one I have just finished telling you now. ...read more.

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