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Lady Macbeth's diary.

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Personal writing coursework, Fiction, Lady Macbeth. Dearest Diary, I find my self, on this dark winter's morn, at my tethers end. My dearest Macbeth hath been gone for near four weeks and three moons and I have reason to worry for his safety. I have heard no word from my love, and I fear him dead. Of late I have experienced the strangest dreams, so vivid are the dreams, I have grown more weary of the darkness, as it disturbs the soundest of souls to remember the night horrors that haunt me of night. In these dreams I first see my love, Macbeth, enveloped in a swirling, dark mist. Then three eerie, haunting voices phrase their separate chants that my ears alone can not understand and my mouth, not describe it. ...read more.


I am so delighted at the news of this, but I can not help thinking what would happen if are soon to be visitors, King Duncan, Prince Malcolm and Prince Donalbain were to be disposed of, would it make me and my love King and Queen? Macbeth told me of these three witches that foretold of his 'rise to power' and I must discuss this with my Macbeth, I am sure that he will not be keen on the idea of 'removing' the King and his sons but with a little persuasion I think I could sway his opinions to my way of thinking. I must draw my weak mind off of the subject and focus on other important matters, such as the coming banquet for my love, my life, my wondrous Macbeth. ...read more.


Dearest Diary, I have had the same old dream again and it is now more vivid than ever before. I don't like to admit it but, I am beginning to regret what we did last night even though we are not suspects of the crime, I feel something is not right. So far the dream has made some sense, but I still have worries about the final part of the dream. Surely Macbeth will not die like I have seen. It's like a twisting plot slowly becoming unravelled and I dread to ever read on till the end as I fear it won't be to my satisfaction. I must rest and wash my hands of this, it is too much for a feeble woman, as I am, to handle. William eves 02/05/2007 1 ...read more.

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