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Language use study -texting,spoken and online conversations.

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´╗┐Online talk is a type of multi- modal talk- it?s a written form that contains elements of spoken language. Two of the conversations i have created are online and one is spoken. I will be explaining what devices people use to maintain variety when messaging and how this relates to peoples attitudes to messaging and spoken language. I will be comparing three sets of data: 1) Text message between a Mother and Daughter, 2) Spoken conversation between and Employer (42) and employee (Interview) 3) Online conversation between two friends (Both 14). Data one shows various punctuation used such as: questions marks (?), commas (,) and exclamation marks (!). Data one doesn?t contain as much punctuation as it should but it proves that adults tend to use more punctuation than teenagers. The mother in data one uses an exclamation mark to show her expression/emotions, the mother also used an exclamation mark to represent the fact that she cannot express her emotions to her daughter as they are not having a face to face conversation but are currently text messaging. The mother uses the exclamation mark to show that she?s excited ?the weathers been great!? people could also use exclamation marks to show anger e.g. ...read more.


?Ask you a couple of questions...Yes sure...to get an understanding?, as you may see the slight interruption made at ?yes sure?, indicating the overuse of politeness in this conversation has been misunderstood to when the other person was to respond, this could have been made as oppose to the employer having more power than the employee, as you would want to make a good first impression. Also it shows the formality of the conversation, as you wouldn?t speak to your friends in this matter; so using the ?high class social accent?, with someone you don?t know, could have a good impression on them, showing yourself as an intelligent person. In addition to this, the false starters and fillers express this further. For instance and example would be, using a customer; implying how people in specific conversations think on their feet, this encourages the use of fillers ?ermm, urm?, to show a person is thinking of what you say in order to respond quickly. However it is understandable to say that when coming towards the ending of a formal discussion like this, someone?s idiolect may creep in, showing how the formality of the conversation differs to when it is started. ...read more.


In comparison to conversation one, Adam too replaces numbers instead of letters to keep the conversation short and is quicker to type numbers instead of letters. Both Adam and Emily use acronyms e.g. lol- to represent laugh out loud. Use of acronyms shortens and quickens the conversation. To conclude we can say that Adam uses far more non-standard English, phonetic clipping etc. This portrays the character of Adam and his sociolect. He may have friends who talk like him e.g. Emily. You may also say males may use more slang than females. Because compared to Emily, she uses much less. Overall, ones communication online corresponds to their gender, age, idiolect, sociolect, dialect and also the role they are to other people. For e.g. an employer has a role to speak Standard English as a role model to his/her employees. Males may speak far more slang, non- Standard English online because of their sociolect. There friends may talk in such a way and he talks like that to fit into the group. There are many factors that can affect ones online conversation. The use of acronyms, Emoticons, initialism and non-standard English are used more when young people than older people. This suggest that net speak is used more by younger people than older people. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

This is a successful and thoughtful essay comparing the linguistic features of samples of text drawn from social media sources. It suffers a little because we do not have access to the original material but short quotations are used with good effect to illustrate the points made by the writer.

Useful comparisons and comments are made on differences between age groups (mother and daughter), status (employer and employee) and sex but sometimes conclusions are jumped to that are unjustified by the narrow base of the sampling. "proves", for example, is too strong a word to use for any indications that can be drawn.

Quite frequent faults of sentence construction, phrasing and slipping into the past tense detract from an otherwise excellent piece of work.

3 stars

Marked by teacher Jeff Taylor 19/04/2013

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