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Leadership Essay

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Leadership Essay Question - Zachary Gagnon Throughout my entire junior year, I participated in a unique class taught at our local elementary school. This class was called 'Conflict Management' and consisted of a full year of tutoring various elementary students in reading. I had the pleasure of tutoring elementary kids from first, second, third, and fourth grades. The most difficult student I was given responsibility for in Conflict Management was a boy named Tyler. Tyler was a 'non-reader' and needed to make significant improvements in his reading assessments or risk retention. Tyler tested at a level 4 on the district DRA assessment for 2nd graders which was marked a low 1st grade reading level. ...read more.


After countless and lengthy family dinner table discussions about teaching reading, listening to the latest techniques to make learning to read fun and keeping a positive, supportive, attitude, Tyler surpassed everyone's expectations. Tyler had climbed from a level 4 in the beginning of his school year to a whopping level 27 by the end of the year! (Level 27 in the DRA is the score for a mid to high 2nd grade reader.) We were given special recognition and a party for our hard work since we had accomplished the biggest accomplishment out of all the readers. Tyler not only gained 23 reading levels, he also gained confidence and a new love for reading. Through this experience I learned how to take initiative in teaching kids to read. ...read more.


I became an unconditional friend to each of these five students. No matter what they did or said, I was there to talk to them and lead them into positive decision making skills. I learned that those buddies really looked forward to the minutes and hours we spent together. They would ask me advice about family problems and relationships with friends. I knew what a powerful affect I had on these students and I did my best to help them to become kind, caring little people. Being a big buddy made me realize how fortunate I am to have a supportive, caring family. Many children are missing that encouraging person in their life. Being a high school leader to so many students truly proves the saying "It takes a village to raise a child." ...read more.

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