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'Learning Journey'.

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NICK BROOKS 10AM GCSE English coursework. 'Learning Journey' Crowds poured through the checkpoints, people of every origin on their way to their dream holidays or visiting their families for the fist time in ages, who knows, It's not for me to worry, I had a bigger problem. My family and me had planned a holiday to Florida, USA, great! Except one problem, the thought of having to fly there, I was absolutely terrified of flying! My knees began knocking together like a hammer on a nail. 'Would all people on flight C1326 please report to checkpoint seven please.' The caller announced. My blood ran cold, this was our flight. ...read more.


What it was I didn't know? I was so petrified I didn't know what I knew! I slowly staggered to my seat and slumped into it. The same lady came around with a small round basket giving everyone something from it, something small. She came over to me and handed me one, it was a small hard-boiled sweet. It was to stop our ears from popping when the plane takes off! Suddenly a huge whirring sound started up! It was just like a giant turbo hairdryer, I sank into my seat and a drop of sweat dripped down my roasting forehead onto my eyebrow. My mother reassured me that it was the engines starting up. ...read more.


The same lady came around again and gave me a pair of headphones and switched on a small television for me to watch. I put the small headphones on my head and changed the channel, on one channel and my favorite film was on! I was so pleased that my face lit up like Rudolph's red nose and all fear was lost. When the film finished, I was so mellow and relaxed that I took the headphones off and looked out the window. All I could see was a thick white blanket, which looked liked a large paddock of white fluffy sheep. I was settled down and I no longer had any worries, I could enjoy the journey. BY NICK BROOKS. ...read more.

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