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Lee had one passion; Runescape. An online game set in a fantasy land of Goblins and elves. This is his story.

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Cameron Burns- No Return Lee had one passion; Runescape. An online game set in a fantasy land of Goblins and elves. This is his story. The highlight of my day was ranking up enough levels to unlock new armour or a new weapon. I didn't have many friends but I was more than happy with my life. My escape from the world was Runescape but it may as well been the world. I loved playing and when I set myself a goal in-game I'd work at it more meticulously than any real world task. When it happened I was in such a state of shock I nearly didn't notice the smoke coming out of my computer. I tried to read aloud the words onscreen to make more sense of them but no noise came out of my mouth. I felt myself getting lighter; I was going to faint. As my eyes fogged over I remember two things, a slight pulling sensation from my computer and the message, it read "You have played for 1 year online, ACCOUNT CLOSED". When I awoke I sat up groggily. Still in a daze my head stopped spinning just as my eyes opened to take in the sight that greeted them. I was in what appeared to be a castle courtyard with two fountains, landscaped ground and a magnificent white wall that rose above me blocking out the beating sun. ...read more.


Follow me Lee I have something important to show you." replied the man. I followed the man down the road and could now get a close look at him. He wore a torn shirt and trousers and wielded the most vicious looking sword I had ever seen, so big he had to use both hands to lift it. The sword towered above the man and all along the blade was niches shaped like rising smoke. The edge glistened in the sun like the water at sunrise in Tokyo harbour. His hair was brown about 3 inches long and covered by a helmet with pointed flares that was encrusted with jewels. This man was either incredibly wealthy or powerful, or both. The rest of the journey passed without incident or speech which allowed me time to ponder this man's true identity. After another hour or so we reached a wall and I gave a squeal of terror as the man kicked the wall and it opened up like a whales mouth to expose a brightly lit meeting room. As me and the man stepped inside the wall fell shut behind us with a bang! As we walked closer to the table I saw three figures sitting around it. I was instructed to remain still and the fourth man took his place at an empty seat and the board got ready to address me. ...read more.


Now that it dawned on me I was quite bored overall and as I thought that a portal opened up in front of me. I was used to portals so I just hopped through expecting to end up in Lumbridge but instead felt a dull thunk on my head. I awoke many hours later in a hospital bed. It seemed I had a seizure from playing too much video games and I had been in a coma for 3 weeks. All around my bed were doctors and family all glad I had came back. It was another 3 days before I was deemed well enough to be let out of hospital. When I was let out it was under 1 condition: I never play Runescape again. I obeyed this rule for many years until one night about 6 years later I saw a post on another website about Runescape. By this time I had forgotten all about Runescape but decided to go on one last time, just to check something. I was greeted to the site by the familiar title screen, I logged in easily and smiled ear to ear at what I saw: a dragon's head on one half of the screen and a note on the other half that read: "to the best dragon slayer of all time!" I laughed and knowing there was no need to continue the game logged out and deleted my account. I was never getting sucked into Runescape again! ...read more.

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