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Lend me your ears and I'll tell you a story.

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Creative Writing- Fear Lend me your ears and I'll tell you a story You dump your bag inside the door; it had rained the whole time you walked home so you go upstairs for a hot shower. This is going to be the best weekend you think, your parents have gone on a business trip so your home alone and throwing a great party tomorrow night. The wind is howling through your bathroom window and there is a splattering of drips on the carpet from the drips that made it through the window. You turn the shower on full blast so you can hardly hear anything above the din and get in, you reach for a flannel but the wind must have blown it across the room, you get out to grab it off the floor but as you step out of the shaft of water you hear a ringing sound, forgetting the flannel you put a towel around your self and turn off the shower to see what it is. You think it's the alarm-the mental asylum alarm, it can't be, it shouldn't be, and it won't be. ...read more.


Ring, and you're cut off it, why? It sounds like the wire has just been cut. Your attempts to phone the asylum seem ever more important now. You grab your mobile from the top of the fire place, dial and it rings once. You will it on, it rings again. "Just once more, once more please." But it's too late after the second ring it cuts off again. The old door, it's green paint peeling off from years of misuse, which leads to the porch crashes and slams against its frame, you run to lock it as you scurry down the corridor a cold breeze brushes past you, you think the front door is open, so you look out into the relatively new porch but all is still; unnerving thoughts fill your mind, you clumsily lock the door and your thoughts are only broken by the telephone high and piercing above the low brash ring of the alarm. Ring, ring, ring, ring. You manage to rush and pick up the receiver in your shaky state but all you hear is a low rustling of keys, paper, something, you can't make it out, but as you strain your ears the dialler hangs up and you mind is filled with torment. ...read more.


It must be late you turn your head to gaze at the clock, eleven twen..... Tiredness has engulfed your body and you fall into an unsettled tormented sleep under the heavy gaze of the moon and the noise of the alarm. Later you wake up, The Alarm has stopped and the phone in the hall is ringing. You put your feet on the floor but realise it is covered in ice or at least something extremely cold. You stand up and step onto the rug but as you do so it shatters into a million pieces just like a piece of glass. You are thrown back onto your bed and reach for a pair of shoes, after putting them on you slip, slide and fall down the stairs finally reaching the phone. You warily say "hello" You hear a voice "Hi It's mum don't worry he hasn't escaped it's somebody else I'm in a meeting I'll call you later bye" she chimes before you hear the hung up tone. As you relax a strong smell fills your sinuses and an icy cold hand pushes you down, down, down, the smell of nitrogen filling your head. You shout but no one can hear you....! Stephanie Muzzall 07/05/2007 ...read more.

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