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Leningrad Journal - 17 yr old female victim.

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Leningrad Journal 17 yr old female victim By Melita Brumby 29th August 1941 I'm scared. I knew there was a war going on but I didn't realise that it would affect me personally. My town is nearly surrounded by the Germans. Leningrad!! What would they want with Leningrad we've done nothing wrong!! We followed the rules I studied hard what more could I do? But like mum said we couldn't and can't do anything, this is just something that has to happen and all we can do is pray we survive it. But I wish she were coming with me tomorrow. It's not fair that we be split from our families. And my school!! I have to leave in the middle of my studies, and I was doing so well. I would have graduated with honours!! They've knitted me the shoulder bag the same one as all the other children. If only I were one year older I would be an adult and could stay here. It's not fair, what if I leave and survive while my parents are here starving to death only to be put in a camp and be savagely murdered by those filthy Germans? That man that evil Hitler he thinks he can starve us into submission, we'll show him. ...read more.


We rushed out of the house in the pitch-black darkness to the neighbouring house with the air raid shelter. I knew the path well but the road was marked with potholes from the shells. My foot got stuck in one and I tripped, we were panicking. Oh how we were panicking! We got there finally and found a tiny space in the centre of the room on the cold concrete floor to sit together. And now I sit here like a fool hiding my left foot underneath myself. How clumsy I am, I put on my Grandmother's shoe and its five sizes too big. Suddenly there was a big explosion and in one swift moment we realised that we would never see our house again. My home is gone. I am homeless. Thank god I still have my family. 2nd January 1942 It's real. This is really happening. It's finally sinking in. I can't believe we were in a bomb shelter for a month. Everything is different now. I watched four people die down there and as each one went I thanked god it wasn't someone close to me. But then the fourth person died and it was Ana my best friends sister. My friend had managed to evacuate but Ana was too old and now she was dead. ...read more.


" Come" he said, " we're leaving, we're taking the road of life." So we bundled up and got a car, followed by a train to Borisovaya Ridge. The Lorry's came but the crowd had grown as the sun began to rise and the drivers gave preference to those with vodka. So we sat for hours waiting, waiting until finally it was our turn. The driver had not slept for three days and it was a silent trip across Lake Ladoga. Then just as we went to drive across the other bank the driver fell asleep at the wheel and we crashed into a pine tree. Dad fell out of the Lorry and went flying across the ice. I climbed out of the lorry and rushed to him and helped him away from the wreckage. The next lorry drove towards us, he saw dad was injured (thank god) and squashed us in. Upon arriving at Moscow we were taken to the hospital where dad was treated for internal bleeding. We're safe for now and I have my dad. I'm hoping things will be different now. 18th September 1942 Dad is dead. They said it had something to do with the lorry crash two months ago. I have noone now. I'm an orphan. What will happen next? Hitler... I'll kill him. I swear to god ill make him pay for what he's done if it's the last thing I do. He's taken everything away from me. EVERYTHING!! ...read more.

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