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Let me tell you about my favorite friend. She was a tomboy!

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ULTIMATE TOMBOY Let me tell you about my favorite friend. She was a tomboy! Actually, she has been a tomboy ever since I can think, pretty much. I mean, of course when she was really young her mom did all the dressing part and she wore dresses. Even today her mother forces her to wear skirts when she prefers jeans. She grew up around guys (guys in her neighborhood, her brother and his friends etc.). So she acted like a guy from a very early age on and she felt very comfortable with it. ...read more.


At her house, she made us pick up a plastic teacup with a stuffed bear's paw and hold it up to our lips and tilt it. Alex was convinced she was on "Candid Camera" or in some other way being set up and I was part of that. She didn't even talk to me for a whole week after that. But that was when we were five or six, another one incident I remember was when we were twelve, Alex really wanted to check out this riding school that had opened and I wanted wait home and watch a new show which gave people makeovers. ...read more.


The only minus point of her being a tomboy is that she enjoys doing things that switch from boys to girls: one minute she'd like to throw paper balls at passing people and next minute find someone to gossip. To me this is a great advantage over all her other friends because I usually also enjoy this sort of stuff too. Its great fun to chuck paper balls at people and equally enjoyable to gossip about unusual people. We frequently spent together talking about riding a horse and for fun stalking people with amusing reactions. One note of warning now: don't you dare make fun of Alex because only I can do that! Grr! ...read more.

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