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Letter To the Editor

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To Whom It May Concern:, I wish to discuss the unfortunate topic of animal cruelty, a problem occurring both around the world and within Australia. Many more of these incidents should be reported to the police and more action should take place. It is important to engage the public to help prevent animal cruelty. Animal abuse comes in many forms - neglect, senseless violence, sadistic cruelty, ignorance, greed etc. ...read more.


Many people believe they can go into the bush or Rainforest and take animals from their natural environment. This is another form of animal cruelty. I strongly recommend the publication of many more articles on animal cruelty in the Weekend Australian Magazine. Here are five examples of some unfortunate animals and pets: A cat stabbed, a horse starved, a dog hung, a dog drowned and a kitten microwaved. ...read more.


This is completely unacceptable. I have chosen the given pictures so that the reader will not only feel sorry for abused animals, but feel compelled to save them and help prevent this cruelty. These are not fabricated stories! While many animals have owners who love and care for them, many others are being tortured and killed for no reason. "Don't treat 'others' the way you do not want to be treated. Treat them with care, love and respect!" Emma McConaghy ( Indooroopilly). ...read more.

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