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lgalzation of drugs

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Should drugs be legalized? Don't you think people should be able to do what they like? We live in a world where millions of dollars are spent every year just to fight organized drug crime also as for fighting crime, murder, and corruption linked to drug abuse, this problem scan be solved with one simple decision, legalizing drugs. This is question that has been debated for years. But it is time to make a decision, to find a solution to all these problems, this is legalization. This would be away to control the use and abuse of drugs. Legalizing drugs would stop an enormous number of deaths and crimes all around the country as well s a great number of money destined to prevention of drugs and the fight against drug related crime. ...read more.


There are many drugs that can be used for many other things for example marihuana can be used to fabricate paper rope soap clothing and the production costs of this would be very cheap. Medical advantages would also b a clear advantage of the legalization this because by making drugs legal this makes study's on drugs legal and as well drugs were in first place medicine for different types of diseases and as drugs do not cost as much as many medical treatments it would decrease the price for medical treatment. A legal market would ensure the users of drugs will get a better quality drug because if it were legal producers would make the drugs in controlled environments and drugs would be more healthy in many ways also there re ...read more.


If we get to think about it drug legalization in Mexico would largely increase tourism for example thousands of people go to Amsterdam for the simple reason that marihuana is legal and if Mexico's tourism increased the money won by the government would increase even more then only drug tax and the money spent on In conclusion, legalization of drugs will definitely stop a great amount of deaths and crime involving drugs will decrease enormously swell as the illegal drug market in Mexico bringing back peace and security to Mexico also this will save great amounts of money that will be sent to other more important governmental are as such as health or education in other words drug legalization is a good option that Mexico should consider. ...read more.

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