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Life in London in the future 2110AD

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London 2110AD PLACE : 100,000 FT ABOVE LONDON YEAR : 2110AD Jack looked around and caught sight of his father, who was slouched in the corner of the metal cabin. Cole, his father had lived been living here with Jack and his wife - who died giving birth to her second child - since Jack was born. Jack had never actually left this cabin for the 15 years of his life except to study in a class with nine other boys who never even conversed. There was a covered shower and a toilet in the corner and three times a day a lady would bring him and his little sister food and water, so they never needed to leave. ...read more.


He did not blink or move once. Jack could tell that his father was nervous but he did not ask why. A few minutes later he heard footsteps, they were different from his sister's and his father's. A man opened the steel door and looked around what was like 21st century prison. The man sat next to Jack's father. "I know you don't want to, but you have to, Cole." He was trying to patronise him. "Your son is old enough now, and if you don't bring him you can imagine what will happen." The man stood up and left. "Son," he gulped trying to sound exited, "you are going to come with me to work tomorrow." ...read more.


There were lots of tall pyramids shaped buildings covered in black gunk and bacteria. There was a circular shaped monument with a shut eye in the middle which Cole said was the London eye, used to watch civilians. The ground was black and soggy and there were craters where bombs had gone off. There was no green in sight. The air was thick and hard to wade through. The temperature cooked them, like an oven would. The thick black clouds and the ground made a sealed off and ninety-five percent rich carbon dioxide atmosphere and without an oxygen mask your body would poison itself and the thick hot atmosphere would keep condensing against your relatively cold insides until you become so full of the stuff, you explode. It was obvious that the earth and everyone not on the ship was destroyed. ...read more.

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