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Lina Begum Day in My Life Of The Queen

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A Day of My Life I stir and wake up, move a little more and feel my cashmere duvet rub against my skin, I stare at the cream coloured ceiling with the feeling of silk against my head, my pillow as soft as a baby's bottom lets me relax in comfort on my bed for a bit while longer. A new and exciting day to look forward gets me out of my bed. A country full of such noble citizens gives me that extra bit of enthusiasm to help me take care of the country; this makes me look forward to such a day, taking in whatever it throws at me. I stroll to my bathroom to brush my teeth and freshen up. I come back into my bedroom my maid stumbles in surprise from seeing me and gives out a little shivering "sorry" I stop and also give a small shriek "ooh!" she comes and handles my gown I smile without hesitance and she gives a pleased smile back. On my bed lie the clothes I was going to be wearing for the day. Navy blue. As much as I liked the outfit the colour was not one of my favourite ones. ...read more.


I have much more philosophical questions buried in my head but I tend to keep them to myself. As I had reached home I had found out I had a meeting with an MP of China, God forbid anything bad happens like the last time an ambassador came for a meeting with prince Charles, I cannot recall being so embarrassed in my life ever before how could he say such a thing, it seems to heat me up just as I remember him saying such a foolish thing to the ambassador. How dreadful of the thought for something like that to happen again. Charles walks into the room with such an unforgettable smile on his face, I think he knows to be careful about what he is going to say this time. The meeting has finally finished; I had said a few goodbyes and had then walked out of the room. I was feeling intensely warm for a strange reason, I felt as though I had a fever coming along which was not very good news as I was getting ready to have lunch with the rest of the royal family, I had invited everyone to come and join me for lunch today but it seems as though I may not be able to make it. ...read more.


Just as everyone was going to devour their food someone walks into the room; Chelsea walked in with a smile on her face I realised this may have been the reason behind Harry's excitement before. " come and sit down Chelsea..." I smiled at her and carried on with my lunch. Lunch had finished and it was time for me to carry on with my daily routines as my private secretary knows I do not like to do too much in a day It not very relaxing at times and gets me overly tired. I sit down in the library continuously smiling knowing I have to read so many documents and papers I know this will make me tired but I just carry on like any other day. I look and read all the documents as carefully as I could with my glasses on. I seem to wonder could I ever do something much more fun than this reading today? As the day goes on I carry on with reading and talking to many more important people. Dinner passes and my bedtime reaches I have my daily shower just before bed and tuck myself in, the blankets feel so sift and cuddly warming up my ear. I cover up and lie down on my bed and wish to dream a happy dream. ?? ?? ?? ?? Lina Begum ...read more.

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