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Living Duo.

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Living Duo The speaker mainly sits in her town house telling the audience of her troublesome times, surrounded by bright colours and her own personal fine art. She feels saddened by her stressful background and has not told anyone of her isolation till now. Leticia sits at a table in the kitchen, at her Northern Wirral home. The camera focuses on her cup. My name is Leticia (camera glides to Leticia's face) I have lived in Noctorum, Wirral for just over ten years now with my sister Libby. She is the breadwinner of our household, we live together you see at 31 years of ages, well we have to. (Looks at floor) (Fade) (Stands and looks out patio doors) The other day, it was Tuesday I think, Libby and I went to the fashion parade in Manchester to choose our clothes for the forthcoming season. (Soft tut) We got the usual stares from children and adults trying not to look, but this one young lady sticks in my mind. She had a lovely glint of happiness about her until she accidentally walked into us. Her expression instantly changed to a look of horror. She exclaimed she was sorry and scuttled away. It was almost as if she was overwhelmed with shock and we disrupted her happiness. These encounters very much dishearten me; I can cope with the glares. ...read more.


That's the thing you see, we don't have the energy after Libby's work to do anything fun, just more or less go to bed. Alcohol - that's the remedy, on some occasions mid week we have a bottle or two of wine, relax and chat all evening. They are the good times - I like those moments. But there are only so many remedies that can cancel out the suffering. I grant everyone I meet with gentility and respect, it's a shame they don't with me. Just treat me as a worthless human because I look slightly different than Joe Bloggs. (Fade) One year later, appears on screen. (Leticia slowly paces garden, watering the plants) Libby has taken early retirement and retiring at 32 is rather premature. The struggle and strains of the medical profession has ended. Libby has done enough, developed the research of conjoined twins much further. Now we can start to live our life of luxury. (Looks into pond and smiles, the camera shots at reflection). (Camera swings around Leticia until stopping at her front). What an extraordinary week! Libby and I have done things that we could never imagine doing in our lifetime. The first thing we wished to do was to do a parachute jump, and doctors said that it would never be possible. ...read more.


All I could think of was, why? (Shakes head) Why Libby? She made the world a better place, a good person to be around. Why Libby, why not me? (Cut) Leticia sits and looks outside. After returning home, I couldn't stay there, that was Libby's house, a house that she had worked for. I didn't want to be around town neither, as even neighbours would twitch their blinds to take a look at the reformed - separated twin. Elly was there for me, she knew she didn't understand but she tried and she got me through the initial shock. I went back to Ireland with her; she didn't decline my proposal at all. I stayed for a couple of months as I decided what I wished for the future. ... I wanted somewhere new, a change, and a different life. (Leticia blinks hard) (Dissolve) 20 years later, appears on screen, fade to shot of Leticia's smile. I have lived in Paris for 12 years now. I came here, to a place that was serenity. (Small stare into space). Where I felt that I could be with Libby. The pain didn't get any easier, harder if anything. (Fade) Leticia sits on balcony looking across Paris at the view. I haven't a new life ... just a life without my completion. (Looks right into camera, camera focuses on Leticia and slowly zooms out, the picture decreases in size, before sharply cutting) Holly Daniel 10P ...read more.

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