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Lloyd George

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Lloyd George "I am just a beetle in a glass case". This was Lloyd George speaking during the peacetime coalition and basically refers to the amount of problems he was faced with. We know he had many problems, and we know that he dealt with the important ones badly but why did he eventually resign? Was it the fact that he was a prisoner of the Conservatives? Was it because of his part in the decline of the Liberal party? Or was it just Lloyd George himself? For me, it would have to be his own actions. Martin Pugh would argue that it was being a prisoner of the Conservatives that led to his downfall the most. He would argue that they knew Lloyd George was going to have problems but as they were just coming back from the political wilderness, they needed someone to 'tide them over' and maybe get some 'Conservative' reforms through. Once they were stronger, they ditched him as they had gained more influence from the Irish problem. He said, "Politicians need a common basis of sentiment or objective", and was referring to the fact that according to him, Lloyd George had to forget his ideals and do what the Conservatives told him to. ...read more.


This was made worse when he attempted 'fusion', as the Conservatives didn't want to join forces with the Liberals. As you can see, the popular opinion is that it was Lloyd George's fault that the party failed and I would probably agree. People despised him when the Geddes axe led to the resignation of Addison and Montagu who were very influential Liberal politicians. I would say that this certainly contributed to his downfall more than being a prisoner of the Conservatives because this showed what he was like and would lead to massive mistrust as this kind of incident would always be in the back of someone's mind, whoever it may be. But it isn't the main reason as this wouldn't have happened but for his own actions, which I think were the main reason he fell from office. There are many small points to consider here which all culminate into a very big thing. Pugh feels that Lloyd George's strengths were in international relations and not so much the domestic administrative work. This would suggest that maybe Lloyd George didn't really stand a chance form the very beginning and that his downfall was only a matter of time. ...read more.


But, the Turks were unhappy with their treaty as they thought it was too harsh. They began to rebel and Lloyd George, "precipitated a war with Turkey to perpetuate his government". Basically, he wanted to scare Turkey off and win points with his party. As it was, they managed to calm Turkey down but it had shown the people that he was willing to go to war so soon after such devastation as World War One and he was willing to do it without any allies as well. Bonar Law published a letter, which spurred people on to taking steps to get rid of Lloyd George. In Conclusion, there are many reasons as to why Lloyd George failed but I think that it was his own actions, especially in the final three incidents I mentioned, which led to his downfall. That he was a great politician is undeniable but he was faced with hard times and dealt with situations the wrong way. His own actions do go quite far to explaining his downfall because they account for everything - why he lost support from the government, the people and even outside countries whereas the others can only really explain one of these. Although many ideas can be taken one of two ways, what he did was always going to be the dominating force. ...read more.

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