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Loneliness and Isolation in Of Mice and Men

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Loneliness and Isolation In 'Of Mice and Men', John Steinbeck portrays a characters emotions and feelings really well. In this case study, I plan to investigate two characters, who I think are good examples of characters suffering from loneliness and isolation. I also intend to explain in detail, how Steinbeck treats this theme and how he constructs each character using language and attention to details. The two characters who I think are best suited for this investigation is Crooks and Curley's wife. I find that they are the most outcast character of the lot as, one is racially outcast and the other one is due to her sex and relationship with the boss's son. Curley's wife is a peculiar character, she is portrayed as a tart, jailbait and a floozy, all given to her by the ranch hands, showing us how her character is viewed through their perception.It seems that the source of her loneliness and isolation is from her husband; Curley. ...read more.


Ain't I got a right to talk to nobody?" and again: "Seems like they ain't none of them cares how I gotta live". Her isolation is further shown when Steinbeck portrays her desperation in her dialogue with Lennie. She confesses her loneliness, knowing that he is not listening (instead thinking about rabbits) but continues -"her words tumbled out" and "she hurried before her listener could be taken away from her". By doing this, the reader sees how just the simple fact of talking to someone can relieve burdens; we also see how her isolation from most people causes her to release all her anxiety quickly. The reader can portray the dialogue between her and Lennie in two ways, the first is: that she knows that Lennie is not focused on her confessions, thus she says what she wants to regardless. Secondly, the reader can portray this scene as if she does want Lennie to listen ("You listenin'?") ...read more.


Crooks loneliness is shown once again in the state of his room, it has numerous personal possessions; showing us that he has accepted his fate of being a stable buck the rest of his life, as he has too many possessions too take with him; showing the reader how he has made his room home. All this changes when Crooks learns of 'The Dream Farm' which in his mind he finds to be an escape from this 'hell'. Crook's offers his service in return for a bunk- which would be in the barn house- knowing that it will allow him more freedoms to be more social. In conclusion, I find that Steinbeck wanted to point out the importance of friendship and how loneliness can be a slow killer. Without friends almost everyone will struggle, thus the arrival of George and Lennie and their close friendship is not only a peculiar site for many, but more importantly something that a lot of the characters envy. Finally, ?? ?? ?? ?? Daniel Zents 10H English Coursework Mrs. Laskey Page 1 ...read more.

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