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Loneliness in "Of mice and men"

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Soledad is the Spanish word for loneliness. Discuss the significance of this in the novel "Of Mice and Men." Soledad is the Spanish word for loneliness. The novel represents this as it was set in America of the 1930's. This was a time of poverty and hardship as a result of "The American Depression". Steinbeck focuses on these issues and emotions that men faced during this time. Work was scarce, so men had to travel to find work. In doing this they had to leave loved ones, causing them to feel isolated and lonely. We can see this happening in the novel, especially through the character Candy. Also, racism was a big issue during this time. Steinbeck shows this and the emotions of people through Crooks. Steinbeck highlights other issues that were happening during this time. I will discuss how these affected the men in "Of Mice and Men" and how it caused isolation and loneliness. Loneliness especially affects Curley's wife in the novel. She doesn't have a name in the story; she is just referred to as "Curley's wife". I think that this isolates her from everyone. It's as if she is not a part of the ranch. To get attention, she flirts with all the men. But, no one at the ranch likes her because she is such a flirt and because she is married to Curley and no one wants to get into any trouble with him. ...read more.


George get's mad at Lennie because he does stupid things which get's both of them in bother. George and Lennie have always been best friends but when Lennie's Aunt Clara was dying, she asked George to look after Lennie as he couldn't look after himself. This is how both men ended up travelling about together. But, now that George has to look after Lennie he has no time for himself. So this stops him finding love etc also the fact that they have to keep running to new places makes things even worse. George gets annoyed about what Lennie does and has threatened to leave him behind as he could have a happier, easier life without him. "An' whatta I got, I got you! You can't keep a job and you lose me ever' job I get." This shows George talking to Lennie shortly after he has had to run away again from something that Lennie done. "When I think of the swell time I could have without you, I go nuts." This quote shows that George wishes Lennie wasn't with him so he could have a better life without any hassle. At the very end of the book, George shoots Lennie. He only does this because, as usual Lennie has done something wrong - He has killed Curley's Wife. ...read more.


But, when George and Candy find out that Lennie has killed Curley's wife, they both know that the dream will never come true. "Then - It's all off?" This shows that when Candy and George see Curley's wife, Candy knows instantly that the dream will never come true. By the way he says this we can see that he is very upset and can't believe that Lennie has done something like this. So once again, Candy feels as if he is going to be living on the ranch forever, feeling worthless and lonely. In conclusion, "Soledad" means loneliness in Spanish. Soledad is not only the main setting for the novel, but also that major theme. Steinbeck points out issues of racism, depression etc that were common feelings for men in the 1930's during the time of the Great Depression. I have learnt that life in this time was hard for everyone - Especially black people. Life wasn't very fun, either. But working on ranches was the only way to get money. It is a lot different to today's society - Black people are part of our community even though some people are still racist towards them. Steinbeck emphasised sympathy on most of the characters but I think that Curley's wife made me feel the least sympathetic because she married Curley and if she isn't happy, then she should have left him instead of attention seeking off the other ranchers. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jasmine Preston - Wood ...read more.

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