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Looking at he short stories of Sherlock Holmes, how does Conan Doyle present the reader with the ideal Victorian gentleman hero? Why have these stories stood the test of time?

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Looking at he short stories of Sherlock Holmes, how does Conan Doyle present the reader with the ideal Victorian gentleman hero? Why have these stories stood the test of time? In this essay I will explore how Conan Doyle makes Sherlock Holmes so popular and how he perceives a typical Victorian Gentleman. During this I will talk in detail about two of the Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes' short stories and briefly talk about another. Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes is a hero, he is also a typical Victorian gentleman. A very important fact about the books is that he was the first detective. This brought him much attention and many people loved this idea. He set the standard and has been copied by others many times. ...read more.


At this time in the Victorian era the police didn't have much control. There were many people on the streets and there was a lot of crime. Jack the Ripper was also on the loose and people didn't feel safe. They turned to Holmes to reassure them and comfort them. There was also a rise in middle class educated people. This meant more people were reading so would be more interested in finding good books. As more and more people enjoyed them the word spread, so many more people would by his stories, of Holmes. The first story that I am going to talk about is The Speckled Band. The Speckled Band This is a story about heartless widower, Dr Roylott. He returns with his twin step-daughters to Stoke Moran, to his family's old and country house, where wild animals and gypsies wander on its grounds. ...read more.


Roylott's plan had been to gain control of inheritance money left to the two girls by their dead mother. Dr Watson plays a vital part in most of Holmes' investigations; he introduces the story as a narrator in Retrospect. Then Holmes and Watson are always confronted with a problem. Holmes will always notice something mind-boggling, in detail. In this story it is the marks on Helens wrist and arms made by Dr Roylott. What then follows is that Holmes and Watson start to investigate with no obvious conclusion, "yet we have not a minute to loose". Then something will occur showing Sherlock's bravery and power, this is when Sherlock fights off the snake and captures it. With the final result of Holmes solving the case showing how clever and what a hero Holmes is. The second story I am going to talk about is The Man with the Twisted Lip. The Man with the Twisted Lip ...read more.

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