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Lord of the Flies - Letter from Ralph

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Lord of the Flies Letter to Ralph parents Dear Mom and Dad, I am writing you to inform you that I am very well, I hope you are fine too. I have spent the last few days on a deserted tropical island where our plane was evacuate and shot down. I am now being rescued by a navy officer. I just wanted to let you know about my experiences that I had on the island. Well when I first reached the island I found it really surreal and beautiful. The atmosphere was so calm, quiet and peaceful. Then I met a boy called Piggy. He was very fat, he had very thick spectacles. He also told me that he had asthma. He always used to say my aunty told me not to do this/that. After a few minutes Piggy found a conch shell and showed me how to make a noise with it. I used the conch to call the other boys from across the island then suddenly a party of choirboys came. Jack was the leader of choir; he was an arrogant and unpleasant fellow. ...read more.


During our fight Piggy's glasses were accidentally broken by Jack. The other boys killed the pig and after killing the pig they started to chant very loud "Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Bash her in.", then we roasted the pig and feast on it. The next day, we had a meeting where many important issues were discussed. One of these was the validity of the beastie's existence. The point was brought up that the beastie was in fact only ourselves. At that meeting, I emphasized the importance of the signal fire. After this, Jack became even more troublesome, declaring that I was a bad leader. This made me really annoyed. Then after a few days a dead pilot parachutes down to the island. The parachutist landed on the rocks and was his parachute got caught. He was spotted and labeled the "beast from the air" by the little boys. In response to that, Jack, me and the others set out to hunt that "beast." While traveling, Jack found a place that he thought would be a good place for a fort, so we began preparation by clearing off the ledge. ...read more.


Despite this, Jack insulted me again and a fight was the result. Roger tries to hit me with a large boulder and instead knocked Piggy off the cliff. In the confusion that results, I was able to escape into the woods. I can't describe in words how I felt about Piggy's death I was totally devastated as he was the only one who supported me. The following day the entire tribe searched to get rid of their last opposition which was me. I was forced to hide in the bushes for a long time. Then I was found by the others and then closely pursued on throughout the island. I was wounded by a spear in the process. As I was running onto the beach, a rescue ship was sighted and we apparently reverted to our former behavior. So that was my experience on the island, I have learnt so much from these entire incident. Also I am very sad that I have lost one of the really good friends Piggy and Simon. From your son, Ralph ?? ?? ?? ?? GCSE English ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

This letter shows a very good knowledge of the plot of the novel.
There are some lapses in expression and some inconsistent use of tenses throughout the letter.
However the writer shows an in depth knowledge of narrative developments in the novel and gives insight into the character of Ralph.
More paragraphs are needed to make the letter easier to read.
Some direct speech is used which gives greater authenticity.
** 2 stars.

Marked by teacher Katie Dixon 10/05/2013

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