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Lost! creative essay

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LOST! "WE-HEY", I shouted as I excitedly threw my bag into the boot of the car and quickly bent over to pick Donna's bag up, "God Donna, what have you got in this? We're only going for two days". "Yes well its cold out there, I don't want to freeze! So I bought plenty of warm clothing", snapped Donna. Steph quickly butted in, "look let's not argue, we haven't even got down the road and you two are already at each other's throats". "Yes just think of all the fun we are going to have" said John, winking at me I gave an embarrassed smile and got in the car with Steph, Donna, John, Andy and Steven. "It's a good job work let me borrow this Ford Galaxy otherwise you all wouldn't fit in my rubbish little Escort, what with all Donna's luggage" laughed Steph's mum. "Stop picking on me, I came prepared" Donna retorted. Steph let out a little giggle, which Donna turned her nose up at she then looked down to admire her freshly painted nails. Ste and Andy didn't seem to say very much until Steph persisted in playing, what's that smell? ...read more.


Find my torch". The blazing fire had turned into a gentle glow, the stars came out and the full moon cast sudden shadows against the trees. The midnight air had an eerie feeling as my friends began to grow tired. I had a sudden urge to go to the toilet I stood up and said "Right on that note, I think I'll go to the toilet, anybody coming" I looked around for a nod of the head, but everybody chose to ignore me. As I got up John said, "You can't go on your own, I'll come with you" he got up and took my hand. Steph gave us both a wide cheesy grin and said "So that's all you're going off into the dark woods alone for"; "Leave them alone" snapped Andy "Yes leave the two love birds alone" said Donna sarcastically. "Look if you lot are going make something out of nothing, then Tash can go on her own," said John. Without looking at me John coldly let go of my hand, walked over to the rest of them and plonked himself down, with his back to me. I was immediately overcome by frustration and anger towards Steph "Why do always have to go and open your big mouth?" ...read more.


I opened my eyes and rolled onto my back, I looked at my watch, the glass was cracked. I made it out to be twenty past twelve. I set of at five past twelve. I must have banged my head hard. I sat up and noticed my foot was hooked underneath a root as I tried to free myself, I felt a sharp pain shoot up round my ankle. I must have sprained it. "Donna, Steph" I shouted, but there was no reply, just silence "Ste, Andy" I shouted again in hope that somebody would come and help me. "John, somebody, anybody, help" I began to sound desperate. I grabbed hold of a low hanging branch and pulled myself up. I couldn't put any weight on my ankle, it hurt so much "Help" I shouted "Help" again and again "Help" I couldn't even hear the distant sound of laughter, I couldn't see the glow of the camp fire. I began to panic "Help" I shouted, I turned round to see where I was, but I couldn't feel my foot, I couldn't walk. I looked up at the moon through an opening in the trees, it cast a shadow before me, the wind blew hard and the fallen leaves around me rustled. What looked like a beautiful painting of silver trees in the twilight turned into a blur, as tears filled my eyes, I was lost! ...read more.

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