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Love and Hate in Romeo and Juliet

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Love and Hate in Romeo and Juliet Love Love 1: Romeo sees Juliet at the Capulet feast and falls instantly in love with her. Rosaline is simply a long-lost memory at this point. Even Romeo admits that he never really saw what true beauty or love was until this night, that he beholds Juliet. It is at this point that Romeo himself realizes the difference in the love he thought he felt for Rosaline and the love he now feels for Juliet. Act 1 scene 5. Love 2: Juliet, from her balcony, proclaims her love for Romeo, who is below in the Capulet orchard. She is so in love with Romeo that she tells him she is willing to denounce her name, and no longer be a Capulet. Act 2 scene 2. Love 3: The fight between Mercutio and Tybalt happened because Tybalt made an insult on Mercutio. ...read more.


Act 4 scene 1. Love 7: Romeo learns that Juliet is dead, and leaves for Verona immediately. He buys poison along the way, intending to kill himself when he gets to Juliet in the Capulet tomb. He would rather kill himself than have to live without Juliet, his wife. This notion of love and death also appears over and over again. Just like Romeo would rather kill himself than have to live without the love of Juliet. Act 5 scene 3 Love 8: Romeo gets to the tomb and sees Juliet. He gives a brief speech about his love for her. He promises that he will remain beside her forever, even if it is in death. He drinks the poison, and dies. This is the ultimate act of love - killing oneself for love. Act 5 scene 3. Hate Hate 1: The first part of hate we see in this play is the fighting between the Montague servants and the Capulet servants at the very start of the play. ...read more.


He is basically saying I am going to get you back Tybalt. Romeo kills Tybalt and as soon as he does it he says "O fortunes Fool", as he has killed a relative of his as he has married Juliet. For this consequence the price exiles him from Verona. Act 3 scene 1. Hate 4: The deaths of County Paris, Romeo and Juliet are also a lot of violence. Romeo shows how much he loves Juliet by killing Paris as he says no one will ever speak of Juliet. When he kills Paris he enters the tomb and still thinks Juliet is dead he gets out of the poison he got from the Apothecary and he gives kiss to Juliet and then he drinks the poison and dies. When Juliet wakes up and finds out Romeo is dead she gets Romeo's dagger and stabs her. When the families find out that their children are dead they agree friendship between each other. Act 5 scene 3. ?? ?? ?? ?? Aaranan Sivasubramaniam 10NG ...read more.

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