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Love Story

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Love Story Ok- So Im Natalie West, just your average 16 year old girl. Nothing too special, I have great friends- some better to me than others, and I have a boyfriend- Harry. Oh and of course my family; I love my mum she's the best, although I'd love her more if she didn't have to give birth to that annoying little rat- Eric. He is actually the most idiotic 11 year old out there, and no im not just saying that. But anyways this is pretty much my life. I go to school, hang out with friends, go to parties- yeah life is pretty good. Well it was anyways. A few weeks ago, my best mate- Anne told me something that I thought was the most despicable thing I've ever heard, I mean it couldn't be true... could it? Harry would never even think about her... would he? Well here's what happened "Hey Nat... Nataliee!!" bellowed Anne, as she tried to get my attention as I pondered through the school courtyard. "What's up Anne?! I heard you passed your French test! Im so happy for..." "No Nat!" Anne interrupted rudely. "Oh no need to be touchy... but Im sorry to hear that." I said whilst patting her shoulder lightly. "I did pass it you fool- im awesome at French! ...read more.


It was like a bad dream that I wouldn't wake up from. At that moment I decided to call him, just to see how he would act with me. "Hey babe, I thought I'd call you, I just wanted to hear your voice before I went to bed." "Oh hey Nat, a bit random of you isn't it? Any reason you called?" "So I need a reason to call my boyfriend now do I? If im interrupting anything, Il go." I said sharply. "Aw Nat please don't be like that, I was just asking, im glad you called. Ok?" "Ok Harry. I love you." "Oh. Erm. Me too." Harry responded in a very confused and mumbled tone. "Fine be like that!" I screeched to him as I hung up the phone. All that night I lay their crying. Wondering what she has that I don't. I thought he was different. How stupid could I have been?! Later that week, Harry and I broke up. A few days after, he asked out Jodie. I didn't understand what had happened at first, but then it occurred to me. I mean why wouldn't Harry dump me for her. She's beautiful- long, glistening, blonde hair, straight, white teeth, long slim body with a bum and boobs. What guy wouldn't want that? And being out with me was bad for his image, who would want a girlfriend that's, well, the complete opposite of Jodie. ...read more.


If there's anything you need, im here ok? " "Thank you so much, there's one thing though. Would you be able to do some kind of plaque just so the kids at the school won't forget my Natalie. She always loved school, and it will make me and my family feel a bit better knowing that she won't be forgotten. Im sure Natalie would feel the same." "It would be my honour Ms West." "Im sorry Mrs Skye, someone is trying to get through on the phone, I will contact you soon. Thank you for your help... bye" "Hello... "Hey Ms West its Anne" "Oh Hello Anne, are you okay?" "I know it's not been long since... well, Nat Passed... but I think I know why she turned anorexic. She has a diary, and the last time she stayed round my house, she must have left it here. My mum was clearing my room up earlier and she found it under my bed. I think you should read it. Everything will become clear to you, it has for me, and I'll come around with it tomorrow if you want? .... Ms West?" "Sorry dear, just in shock right now, yes can you please bring it around, and thank you, thank you so much. Natalie thought the world of you, im glad that you were a part of her life." "I thought the world of her too, I miss her so much, and she had so much potential. I just want my best friend back!" The phone goes dead. ...read more.

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