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English essay: Macbeth Dominic MacNamara 'Macbeth', a play that was written in the 16th century by William Shakespeare about the perilous journeys of Macbeth in the 11th century's with a slight change of the facts. This play is set in Scotland about two kings rule over the country and the struggles Macbeth has throughout to claim the throne plus his struggle to rule over Scotland. In the play Shakespeare portrays Macbeth as a corrupt traitor of a king who plummets Scotland into a depression making him look like an immoral wicked king. But in real life Macbeth was seen as a propitious righteous king on the other hand king Duncan is portrayed in the play as a admirable king but in real life seen as a rather lazy ineffectual king. Shakespeare got all his information on the Hollingshead chronicles but completely changes the facts and adds fictional vile witches and witchcraft just to please king James. Shakespeare changes the facts as James thought he was a descendent of Banquo so Shakespeare 'tweaked' the story to make it more pleasing for the king. Shakespeare also added quite a lot of witchcraft into the play he did this to also please the king, the king was so fixated on witchcraft he written a book on it called 'daemonology' his obsession cased a lot of innocent woman to be killed for being a witch the most woman killed for being a witches was in James's rule. ...read more.


Then once Macbeth meets the witches they greet him like a king say 'all hail' then giving him the prophesies. Banquo asks Macbeth 'seem to fear things that do sound fair' asking him why he seems so terrified by what the witches say. This also portrays Macbeth in a different way to what he is described he seems scared and doesn't speak instead of being brave as said by the captain in the previous scene. When they speak to Banquo they talk in riddles with Macbeth they talked directly to him, but in these riddles it seems they are telling Banquo he is the better person than Macbeth, Shakespeare most probably added this to make Banquo look good pleasing king James. Then straight after the witches vanish, Macbeth is greeted with his new title Thane of Cawdor now making the witches prophesies seem quite genuine plus help feed his ambitions to become king. After Macbeth claims his new title he gives us a soliloquy in this Macbeth displays his certainty that he will become king when he says, 'Glamis, and Thane of Cawdor. The greatest is behind.' Macbeth is unsure to trust the witches saying in his next soliloquy 'cannot be ill, cannot be good. If ill' he's think about if the witches mean him evil. ...read more.


It seems like he weights up all the pros and cons and then feels hes going to get caught because fate will catch him as Duncan is a good king. Also Duncan is Macbeth's cousin and king it would be such a bitter evil betrayal, plus he thinks god shall judge him for it and he shall be condemned to hell. So at this point I feel he his starting to convince himself that this deed is just to immoral and he is loyal to his king but Lady Macbeth in the end succeeds to manipulate Macbeth into killing Duncan. To conclude after act 1 Macbeth goes on to kill Duncan and becomes the new king of Scotland, after the killing of Duncan it seems he becomes cold blooded murderer, yet he doesn't even kill people himself he get others people to do his dirty work for him. Then lady Macbeth has a break down and commits' suicide leave Macbeth all alone. And then is finally brutally murdered by Macduff foretold by the witches. I feel Macbeth has good expectations but too many factors in his life fuelled his ambition to become king and the measures at what he needed to do to get there. Macbeth did have a conscience but it seems this was all but ripped about from him by Lady Macbeth for her desire for power. ...read more.

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