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Macbeth Coursework

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Jc Trapani English Coursework: Macbeth Throughout the all of the play, we can see Macbeth' s morals being questioned and his integrity slowly declining. The Soliloquies are the internal queries and conversations that Macbeth has with himself hence help us to see his moral fluctuations. In Act 1 Scene 3, Macbeth measures up the moral implications of the three witches prediction. "This supernatural soliciting cannot be ill, cannot be good". It is also possible to see the first signs of Macbeth' s ambition and determination, "two truths are told, as happy prologues to the swelling act". This is the first of many inner debates to come throughout this play. Already Macbeth has thoughts of murder summering in his brain. "Whose murder yet is but fantastical?" He is thinking of it, but isn't convinced yet that he will commit the crime. ...read more.


Here Macbeth is saying that he shouldn't kill Duncan because he will surely get punished later on, nothing seems to crawl into his mind at this point. At the end of this first soliloquy we can see the transition from a loyal man, to one with a mind riddled with immoral thoughts. The language used in this scene also helps to explain Macbeth' s downfall. This soliloquy is put into two parts. In the first, we see the use of less brutal language: "assassination", "surcease", "the deed". Here Macbeth avoids speaking plainly about what he is about to do. But towards the end of the second however, the language employed takes on a tone which sounds like the witches speech: "bloody", "plague". This shows us that Macbeth is really thinking about committing this act, he is becoming obsessed with the idea of killing the king. ...read more.


Instead of giving a sad soliloquy, Macbeth just hides his real emotions or has no love left for his deceased wife. To not show any sadness or shock proves us that Macbeth is past moral redemption and is stuck in the deep pit of corruption. He has no room in his heart of stone for anything other than things which concern him and his seat on the throne. "She would have died hereafter". Even though at first glance Macbeth seems unfazed by his companion's death, the fact that she died did actually affect him. It caused him to reflect on life. "Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow". He seems to have lost his drive and he might of realized that all this killing was pointless since everyone dies in the end, "to the last syllable of recorded time". At the end of this speech we can see that Macbeth no longer has murder on his mind and seems to want to redeem himself, unlike at the beginning of the play. ...read more.

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