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Macbeth's Fall

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English Coursework Macbeth By Andrew Shippen 12B King Duncan's death marks the beginning of Macbeth's downfall. What are the influences on Macbeth which lead him to kill Duncan and how does Shakespeare present his dilemma. After careful thought I do not agree with King Duncan's death marks the beginning of Macbeth's downfall. Shakespeare emphasises throughout the play that Macbeth has free will and can choose whether "Chance will crown me". I think his downfall began at the first meeting with the witches when he was "rapt withal" at the prospects they gave him. A major influence of the play was the new King James I. Shakespeare wished to compliment him so he carefully included James' obsession with witches and some of his ancestors in it (Banquo). James even wrote a book on witches called Demonology. Shakespeare had fond At the time of Shakespeare people would have believed in witches and witchcraft. James himself believed he had an experience with witchcraft after he was at sea and there was a terrible storm that was supposedly been conjured by witches. There are many influences on Macbeth which Shakespeare was to present his dilemma. He has a choice between what he knows he should do that is to remain loyal to his king and continue to assist his efforts to fight off invaders or to follow his 'vaulting ambition'. ...read more.


She is showing how she wants to be filled with the 'direst cruelty'. The audience in Shakespeare's and today would be shocked at hearing such things. It starts to make the audience think ' who is this woman' and 'how can she think such things.' Lady Macbeth role in Duncan's death is also quite significant. When Macbeth doubted himself and whether he should kill his dear friend she was right there to 'egg him on' and say thing like 'dashed the brains out, had I so sworn as you'. These kind of images would have shaken Macbeth up a little and made him think of what kind of man he was if his own wife can say she would kill him but the only reason why she couldn't is because 'he looked like her father.' After Macbeth has killed Duncan she is instructing him to 'wash the blood of his hands' 'get rid of the daggers'. When Macduff questions Macbeth about the murder of Duncan she faints to draw suspicion away from herself and Macbeth. I don't think she contributed to Macbeth's downfall after Duncan's murder. That was all Macbeth's own doing and Lady Macbeth was worried by his doings. Macbeth's character changes throughout the play. At the start he is a war hero that has defeated the enemy, then he becomes greedy and wanting power, then doubt comes into his mind on whether he should be killing ...read more.


When Lady Macbeth ask him 'live a coward in thine own esteem' I think he gets very annoyed this is shown by his reaction 'I dare do all that may become a man' and after Lady Macbeth's has said how she has 'given suck' and how it would make Macbeth 'more than what he is' if he killed Duncan. This is where he changes his mind. Macduff joins forces with Duncan's son Malcolm and the English to go and defeat Macbeth and give the Scottish throne to the rightful king. Macbeth was killed at the end of a play by ' a man not born of woman' (Macduff) just as the witches' prophesised. I think the play ends like this because the witches got involved by their prophesy and then Macbeth being overly confident of himself and saying how Macduff couldn't 'slain' him. Like in al good plays the good guy always wins. The person who is mostly responsible for Duncan's death and Macbeth's downfall is Macbeth. At the start a good man cannot be influenced by witches. Banquo, a good man wasn't influenced or believed in any of the witches but Macbeth however was. There had to be some desire to be king inside him that would make him kill. All the witches and lady Macbeth did was coach him and make him realise his true potential. And even the witches didn't do that they just said he would be king and not how he was going to become king. ...read more.

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