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Macbeth was a hero for everyone but his one mistake made him a villain.

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Macbeth was a hero for everyone but his one mistake made him a villain. His ambition went higher and higher. He could not go back to were he started. This Macbeth play was written in between 1606-1607.macbeth is the last of Shakespeare four different tragedies. Macbeth is a man who had just won a battle and had been awarded the title of the thane of cowdor. The witches had said that you would become the thane of cowdor, and it came true. However it does not mean that if the witches have said that he will be king next he has to believe it and think that he will be king after king Duncan dies. The "weird sisters." In a dozen lines, announce their evil nature by saying "Fair is foul, and foul is fair/Hover through the fog and the filthy air," and their intention to meet with Macbeth once the "hurly-burly" of a battle between the forces loyal to the King Duncan (led by Macbeth) and a rebels army (led by the current Thane of Cawdor) comes to an end. Macbeth was a great man. He was called the brave Macbeth. King Duncan who so proud of Macbeth. At the camp of the Scottish King Duncan, a wounded officer tells the king and his son, Malcolm, about the heroism of Macbeth and his friend Banquo in the fight against the rebels. ...read more.


Macbeth says this when he is about to kill his own king, Duncan, just to be king. Macbeth then says, "This Duncan hath borne his faculties so meek..."this is said when Macbeth has killed king Duncan. Lady Macbeth bloody ambitious has succeeded. She made Macbeth murder king Duncan. She succeeded in her plan. Macbeth wanted to be king because he believed that whatever the witches said it would be come true. But however when he heard that the king's son Malcolm would become the next king, he got very cruel and very angry. He became evil he told his wife that he was going to kill king Duncan. Lady Macbeth and Macbeth invited king to their castle for a night' stay and dinner. At Mabeth's castle, Lady Macbeth welcomes King Duncan, Malcolm and Donalbain, and Banquo. She plays the gracious hostess, speaks of "double" doing anything for her guests and then escorts the king to Macbeth.after every one has gone to bed macbeth is in two minds and does not want to kill his king. However lady Macbeth screams at him, she calls him a liar, and she says, "you are a coward." Macbeth answers, "I dare do all that may become a man." He Even if they should fail" He professes that will do any thing to prove that he is a man. He of that "I am settled." ...read more.


Macbeth. News arrives that Mac duff's family has been slaughtered. Mac duff swears vengeance against Macbeth and, with Malcolm; the two prepare to shake Macbeth from his bloody throne. Mucduff, Malcolm and there force come to Macbeth castle. Macbeth and mucduff are fighting Macbeth states while he is fighting "I will not yied, to kiss the ground before young Malcolm's feet yet I will try till the last." Macbeth says no one can kill me. Only a no man of woman born can harm me. Then mucduff says" I am a man who is not of a woman born. After all this mucduff kills Macbeth, and Malcolm is made the king. I think Macbeth was the bravest when he was a hero when he was a hero of everyone's heart was for the brave man who had won the battle for everyone. But I think he was the weakest when lady Macbeth dies this is because he does not want to continue this fight; he does not want to do any thing. He just does not know what to do next. Macbeth was strong at the end even when he knew how was going to die he did care but he him self till the end. I think he was a hero. But I also think that he was a bad man after he believed in what the witches said to him and started killing most of the people who close to him, his king and his on own best friend who was so close to him. ...read more.

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