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Magazine Analysis I think the content of my magazine is good as it links well with the type of magazine Unique is and fulfils part of what I offered as part of my magazine. The style of my magazine is quite formal because I think this makes it look sophisticated and grown up. I also think it's important for the content to look proffesional as I want people to think the information is of good quality. I think if I presented it bad people would probably disregard the information as bad aswel. ...read more.


On the contents page I've used an image of a boy and a girl having fun on the beach because it's a summer issue. I've also used an image of the front cover and an inside article on the contents because I think its important for people to see whats coming in the magazine. I've chosen to use quite formal but simple language so it's easy to understand for everyone and I've used nice, clear fonts I think are appropriate for the article. I've colour co-ordinated the font with the article. ...read more.


I hope the problem pages and the real life stories show people that they're not alone with their problems and maybe someone has had a life experience the same as them. I hope the fashion pages help people stay updated with the ever changing fashion world and understand more about fashion so they can wear clothes that suit them and make them look and feel confident. I also hope that the celebrity interviews shine a different light on people and show the public how nice and down-to-earth a certain person is or how mean and bossy they may be. My main aim is just for people to enjoy reading Unique and to maybe learn something new and feel more confident. ...read more.

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