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Man is not truly one, but truly two. Show how Stevenson explores this idea in The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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?man is not truly one, but truly two.? Show how Stevenson explores this idea in The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is an extraordinary book that explains the human nature in a fatal way; it demonstrates how a person can possess two extreme faces. It is written by a Scottish writer, Robert Louis Stevenson, which then leads us to wonder why he didn?t set the background as somewhere in Scotland but as London. However, as you get into the story you realize why he chose London. Carefully, the distinct division between the rich and poor is created as the atmosphere of this book; in fact, how the book describes London is how the real Edinburgh was in early nineteenth-century: two sided. Edinburgh was where Stevenson grew up; it is assumed that Stevenson himself lived a two faced life by jumping from one side of the city, rich to the other, poor. Stevenson portrayed the house of Dr. Jekyll in the book based on the building that lived a surgeon called John Hunter, who surprisingly has lots of similarities with Dr. Jekyll. The building has two sides and the surgeon also had two sides. ...read more.


Why does he go on when he clearly knows that he will get hung if he gets caught as Hyde? This question can be distorted and be aimed at John Hunter. Why did he continue the experiment when he clearly knew that he will get hung if he was caught doing illegal trading of dead bodies? The answers are the same: desire to know more and possibly the thrill of not getting caught. Two months after feeling ?his blood run cold,? Mr. Utterson put in efforts to forget everything about Mr. Hyde and the death of Sir Danvers. Mr. Hyde had not been around for the whole two months and Dr. Jekyll had become the previous friendly Dr. Jekyll again: ?renewed relations with his friends? and ?became once more their familiar guest and entertainer.? One slight change made from the past was that he was being overly good, religious, and charitable. It was now Dr. Lanyon who started to act madness; his words ?I wish to see or hear no more of Dr. Jekyll,? ?I am quite done with that person? brought back all the memories from two months ago: Dr. Jekyll gave the exact same line but about Mr. Hyde. The testament by Dr. ...read more.


Mother Teresa gave everything to the society and the poor and devoted her life to God and to his people; she was strong enough to control the devil inside her. The poet and priest Gerard Manley Hopkins after reading the book said ?my Hyde is worse.? If his worst Hyde was revealed to the world he wouldn?t be a priest. He, like Mother Teresa, consciously had been trying to push away the evil spirit within him. Stevenson is implying that everyone has two sides by giving two faces to every character in the book and making the places he picks to have two different side and relating the city in the story, London, to a real city with two sides, Edinburgh. Also he gives the impression that the darker sides overpowers the brighter side by making that happen to Dr. Jekyll, therefore, we just have to accept this fact and wait until the darker side takes over your body; however, this is not the case. He is saying we to have to accept the imperfections of ourselves and try keeping it under control. If we cannot keep it controlled, we may meet such a death like Dr. Jekyll and Sir Carew. People who can manage it very well will be praised for it like Mother Teresa. Stevenson is stating that choosing which one we want to be is all up to us. ...read more.

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