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Manhunt - Creative writing

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Manhunt The thin air held a frigid tone this evening, and a slight breeze brought a sudden rush of coldness to my face. "It's safe. Come NOW!" My pounding heart raced as I stumbled to the nearest tree. It was very dark (almost pitch black) outside, and tonight we were being hunted. We had to rely on our instincts, and just hope and pray that the enemy wouldn't detect us. As the night grew deep, I began to glance around. Our eyes soon became accustomed to the darkness, so that we could distinguish the forestry around us. The trees were dusky, with an evergreen scent, and they supplied us with helpful cover. ...read more.


Just then he dashed in front of me in the direction of the abandoned Turkma. A minute had passed, and I now decided that it was my turn to run. Just then a loud *CRASH* sounded from his location. My mind began pacing back and forth, wondering what had just occurred. So I lay flat on my back, closed my eyes, and prayed, "May they not find him, Lord." If they found him, then they were sure to search for me. But the time passed in silence, so I just lay there. As I watched each minute pass by, looking up at the starry sky, I thought to myself, "An endless ocean of blue, and shiny lights reaching beyond our grasp; they don't worry or fret." ...read more.


nowhere to run... "RUN!!" The Fowlers were right beside me!! My heart sunk, and my eyes wavered as I tried not to breathe. The intensity grew, however, and the decision was made. I sprang up and bolted in one direction, like a zebra fleeing from a prowling lion. "There he is!" In that moment, extra speed was supplied to me, but I felt like I would stumble. It seemed that I began to sink, and all the sudden a rock caught my right foot, so I smashed into the dirt. I quickly arose. An arm lunged at my face, but I dodged, and continued in that one direction. I was almost free, and could see the light approaching. Like a runner, approaching the finish line, I could feel it... I was almost there... "We CAUGHT you!!" ...the game was over. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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