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Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein

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Mary Shelly's Frankenstein According to Shelly's tale should human beings use reason or science to understand or manipulate the natural world? What Shelly believes humans should use depends upon the definition of reason one desires to employ. For instance, is reason in the form of science? Knowledge? Or Compassion? Shelly would be very careful to answer this question for the definition used can lead to different conclusions. If humans use reason in the form of science, this type of reasoning sources the pursuit of thinking based on what is discovered scientifically. Many theories have been "proved" and later "disproved" through the measurement of science. So how valid is science? ...read more.


After achieving all he has longed to achieve he knows nothing else and all his science and knowledge once again fail him. If compassion and consideration are not present knowledge and science are useless. After the monster is completed Victor can't stand him, he says he is a hideous beast, he describes him as having a "shriveled complexion and straight black lips". But what does he expect for he created this being, he was aware of the skin texture, eye color, down to the very last detail it took to make this monster designed by his own hand. Victor should have known the reaction from society after seeing what he created but he did not for he lacked an essential ingredient, which is compassion. ...read more.


Victor Frankenstein has treated this monster, which he strived to create as a mistake, a defect and even refers to him as demon and never once embarks on him with an ounce of compassion or dignity. This is the essence of what human beings need in order to function successfully. For once we are robbed of our capacity to be kind to one another we have lost the very thing that makes us human. Mary Shelly tells us in her writings that we all need to be compassionate and of course compassion is not all we need, we must balance our views with knowledge and reasoning to see the world in it's true perspective. For with out one of these essential ingredients the point of view we choose can be tainted. ...read more.

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